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Ever wondered what it’s like to crawl like a tiger? Or swinging from the trees like a monkey? Well, I haven’t, but I imagine some of you definitely will at one point or another.

I actually became really intrigued by this new form of workout, named Animal Movements, a unique style of movements to make you adapt to your inner beast, exclusively hosted by Fera.

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You may have seen Skot (the owner of Fera and a good friend of ours) effortlessly gliding around the city on his longboard, long hair fluttering through the breeze like an urban Tarzan. Skot really lives and breathes his work, and his commitment to it really shows; it’s why we really love him here! I actually got a taste of this at our first blogger event in November, but we went in to way more depth last Saturday at our partners Rock Over Climbing, with all kinds of movements to test my bodies strength, adaptability and flexibility.

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We started with some of the basics in rock climbing (after a few years away from it, I’m very much a novice) – this involved climbing to the top of a massive (ok, it felt massive) wall and letting ourselves fall. At first this was pretty daunting, since we had to trust what seemed like a tiny bit of rope that we dangled from; thank god for the harnesses! We eventually moved on to the bigger stuff, and falling from the top actually became pretty good fun –  although, I’m slightly concerned about my chances of parenthood due to the location of the harness…


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Squatbot AKA Sarah and I even engaged in a duel to the top with beanbags resting on our shoulders –Sarah will agree it’s much harder than it looks to keep your upper body upright! There was even a spot of blindfolded climbing, which I couldn’t imagine doing well up in Snowdonia –again, thank god for harnesses.

We then moved on to some bouldering, which is essentially freestyle rock climbing without the harness. For some reason, sideways climbing is exponentially harder than vertical climbing –you use way more isometric energy in holding yourself upright going sideways than going up; though, the advice from that was to stick that ass out! From this, we engaged in a good-old fashioned duel –a relay race to the middle. Now, bringing out the competitiveness in any of us at MagnaPass is normally a bad idea for anyone opposing, we certainly aren’t ones to shy away from a challenge! We usually win, and this occasion was no different (kudos goes to Victoria, she whooped some ass).

Now, to the animal movements! Skot wanted to bring out the inner child in us, and he didn’t disappoint. I felt like I was 6 years old again, bringing back memories of grazes on my knees and bruises on my shins as the over-excited child I was. We crawled and moved across the studio space in many different ways, using the floor, blocks and apparatus to literally move around like an animal. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday afternoon!

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We finished with some chilli and a chat with all the great people involved with the event, and left with a goody bag filled with some well earned snacks and other delights, wondering how on earth 3 hours could fly by so fast. Animal Movements – now officially 100% MagnaPass certified and recommended!

We can’t say enough good words about our Partners Fera and Rock Over Climbing–you can catch them on @wearefera and @rockoverclimbing, and their sessions are of course available with us on our timetable here.

2 thoughts on “What’s an Animal Movements class? We investigated…

  1. I love this so much , Skoti has been a little monkey from the day he started to walk ( well big monkey now )
    waiting at the bus station one day Skoti decided to go and swing off the back of the set fell right back and in hospital he went … with perforated eardrums , and another time we were teaching him to ride his bike and he thought he would show a big wooden gate that he could fly :)) over he went lol the list could go on with his young man , i started going grey at the age of 28 lol . Skot love’s his work so much and he always gives it 110% he also as alot of passion for what he dose and for them who he share it with . I have watched my little monkey boy grow up to be this amazing young man he is today and i know in my heart he will keep shining and keep doing what he doing no matter what .
    Skoti has gone through so much and just look at him he truly make’s me proud.
    Like Skot told me but your mind to it and you can do what you what to achieve but you also need to put alot of hard work in to it as well and i think this is a great way to see just what your body’s can really do plus your keeping fit but having fun along the way .
    Keep up all the hard work Guys and Skot Mum love’s you so much x

    1. This was such a sweet read – it’s good to know Skot has an entire lifetime of experience! Thanks for all the support – we love Skot too!

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