June 1, 2017 Will Whyler 0Comment

MagnaPass wouldn’t be the same without calling the amazing city of Manchester home. Following last week’s bombings, we want to give back.


As we’re sure you’re aware, last week Manchester was struck by a terrorist attack targeting innocent people leaving an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena. 22 lives were lost, and more than 100 people were injured. In the wake of this incident, these victims and their families need all of the support they can get – a fund has been set-up to support this crucial work.  The fund will support people who have been injured or bereaved by the attack. The donations will help alleviate suffering and ensure that victims and their families do not face short-term financial difficulties.

Here at MagnaPass, we’ve decided to hold a fundraiser for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund. In true MagnaPass style, we’re hosting a yoga class at Cross Street Chapel in the Centre of Manchester (right by St Ann’s Square, where the memorial tributes are being displayed). The event is being led by the wonderful Marley from VIDA YOGA in collaboration with the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, alongside the British Red Cross.

All proceeds will go towards the fund, and there will be optional extra donations taken on the day. So lets all come together and do some yoga, hopefully releasing some of the negative energy that has no doubt crept in following the attack. We hope to see as many of you there as possible, this will be a wonderful event for an even more wonderful cause. If you can’t make it yourself, then we hope you’ll share it with your friend and family!

Tickets are £5 each, and can be purchased here.


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