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Ignoring the spectre of poor mental health is needlessly impacting the lives of, and even killing, thousands of people every year. In any given year, 1 in 4 of us will experience some kind of mental health problem. Despite it’s prevalence, we are still not taking the issue of mental health anywhere nearly as seriously as we should. It’s 2017 and there’s still unjustified stigma regarding discussing your mental health that simply doesn’t exist when discussing physical health.

Meanwhile, the idea of ‘Wellness’ is more prevalent than ever. More and more people are getting active, developing better eating habits, and generally beginning to perceive their health as a collection of long term habits, rather than a series of crash diets. This is obviously fantastic news, and we’re proud to be doing our bit at MagnaPass to facilitate that by offering a huge variety of classes that makes fitness more accessible than ever. However, wellness is more than physical fitness – wellness is about being healthy in body and mind.

The Mental Health Foundation, the NHS, and Mind all agree – regular physical activity is absolutely crucial to protecting your mental health. Now all of this can sound a bit daunting – juggling mental health with an exercise regime and diet is a lot. What if I were to say that you get kill two birds with one stone?  In the UK, many of us have come to view physical exercise as a chore that we ought to do, and shame ourselves when we don’t get round this. This in itself is an unhealthy attitude and serves absolutely no one. Mind have put together a great video explaining in less than 1 minute how you can get active and feel better:

Here at MagnaPass we think have a great solution that makes fitness more accessible than ever to everyone. With hundreds of classes across a range of disciplines every single week, there really is something for everyone, on any schedule. From swimming to yoga, acrobatics to spinning, we truly encourage you to get out there and try as many classes as possible to discover what feels right for you, in body and mind. You never know – you might even discover that you’re good at something you never could’ve imagined. We are very selective with our partners here at MagnaPass, and can vouch that they will be kind, professional, and most importantly supportive of you every step of the way.

We understand that we all lead busy, complicated lives that can lead to our own wellbeing (mental or physical) being put on the backburner. We ourselves are not perfect, and acknowledging that in fact no one is perfectly healthy 100% of the time is the first step to developing better habits. We all make mistakes – forgive yourself and carry on anyway. Your body and your brain will thank you.

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