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Even the most positive, motivated and driven people will have days where they will struggle to stay inspired. Sometimes we just need something to pick us up or someone to tell us what to do, even when deep down we know it ourselves. So, if you are feeling sluggish or just having “one of those days” then here are ways to stay inspired.

1. Stay well rested.


Sleep and stay well rested, it’s definitely something we all know but take for granted. Sleep is so important in helping us feeling energised the next day. Have you ever woken up later than you planned and had to rush out that door, it’s not quite the way to start a day, right?  Setting your alarm (or even several) and waking up earlier to do things you enjoy, at your own pace can really help you stay inspired for the rest of the day. If you’re having an ‘off’ day – then log off, shut down and sleep earlier!

2. Stay hydrated.


Again this is something so important but often neglected by many; do you drink your 8 glasses of water a day? We’re all guilty in this, but making sure you reach for that glass of water every morning as soon as you wake up, can help flush away bad toxins in the body and help you feel instantly awake and energised. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day too, it can make all the difference in how your body feels and i turn reflects how you feel. If you don’t like the taste of water, add fruit like lemons or strawberries into your water for a tangy summery taste.

3. Get moving.


Whether it’s a relaxing twenty minute yoga session in the morning or an after work hardcore HIIT session, the point is to move. Even if it’s light exercise like going for a stroll during your lunch break, it’s important to get out there and get your body pumping and blood flowing. If you’re just sitting there waiting to feel inspired again then you got it wrong; get up, listen to some uplifting music and start moving. When you exercise, you will feel motivated and feel good.

4. Plan tasks to do.

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Every morning, write down three tasks to do that day. This can be work related tasks, school related tasks or even personal day to day tasks. For example, it could be to drink 8 glasses of water that day, clean your desk, prepare a healthy lunch or fit in a HIIT workout at some point in the day. Writing down a plan for the day can let your mind have a focus, hitting mini tasks and goals can help you become more inspired to do other tasks you didn’t plan to.

5. Express Gratitude.


Make this a part of your routine, you can either write this down or even just think about it. Express at least three things at the start or end of the day (or even both) about what you are thankful for. Maybe you’re grateful for the food you had today, maybe you had a great day at work, maybe someone made your day. If you’re grateful for a person, then give them a message or a call to tell them you’re thinking about them.

Following some of the tips above or even just one of them can help you feel more inspired. Even though they are little tasks that seem easy to do, we can often forget and take the smallest things for granted. It is true that we only get one life, and it is precious. So spread love, be kind and remain inspired.

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