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Sports injuries are injuries that occur in athletic activities or exercising. Sports Injuries can be debilitating and can set you back from your training goals. It’s essential to seek the right medical advice for prevention if you suspect your suffering from injury or trauma.

What are a few types of injuries?

Back & Neck Injuries are one of the most common types of injuries. Many people can experience back strain due to prolonged sitting, desk based working, lifting incorrectly or too intensely. Deep tissue , sports massage or lymphatic drainage massage can be beneficial in treating Back & Neck symptoms.

Shoulder Strains can often result in repetitive overuse / poor posture or movement technique. Shoulder pains, rotator cuff injuries and dislocations can occur if the shoulder has been injured within or around the joint. By resting the shoulder with rotator cuff exercises and the use of therabands can improve stability and strength around the joint.

Runners Knee Pain Can be caused by irritation of the cartilage underneath your kneecap that makes up about 40% of all running injuries. By strengthening your Hips, glutes, quad muscles can prevent this injury from occurring.


Our partner MY Sports Injury Clinic is a modern sports physiotherapy clinic set in the heart of Manchester with a focus on patient centred care. The team at MY Sports Injury are musculoskeletal experts, providing treatments for muscle and joint problems, neurological pains and sports related injuries.

MY’s Sports Clinic offers 1-1 personal training by their highly expert staff which includes professional rehabilitation, exercise programs to help speed up recovery, maintain and maximising movement, relieve pain and increase your quality of life both physically and mentally.

MY Sports Injury Clinic, ​58 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 2HN.

This post was written by MagnaPass partner Ray Ho from MY Sports Injury as a guest post. 

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