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Our first seasonal recipes entry is one of the most read posts so we’re back with another. These cheap eats are hearty, frugal, and healthy!

We all tend to go a bit health mad in January. Whether you’re doing veganuary, dry January, or just wanting to shed a little Christmas weight in preparation for the summer – our health is at the front of a lot of peoples minds. It also happens to be when people are a bit strapped for cash after the indulgent Christmas/New Year period!

It can feel like eating healthy is expensive a lot of the time – cheap processed foods line the aisles of our supermarkets. With a little effort however you can churn out cheap, easy, and healthy meals every single day. Jamie Oliver would be proud. Here’s some ideas to get you started.

For Breakfast: Three Grain Porridge


There’s a reason porridge is a classic. So simple to make that anyone could make it (even when you’re still feeling a bit dozy in the morning) yet still packing a tremendous nutritious punch – your mum was onto something feeding you this growing up. Plus it’ll warm you up nicely on cold winter mornings. Jazz it up with some berries, honey, and other tasty bits. Perfect!

For Lunch: Chicken Fajitas


Packed with nutritious veggies and lean, protein heavy chickenĀ  – you cant deny the balanced credentials of a chicken fajita wrap. Not only is this a great recipe for your body, but it’s ease of transport and quick reheating makes it the perfect thing to take with you to the office and resist those junky meal deals. Plus these wraps deliver big flavours that puts the idea that healthy foods can’t be tasty to bed.

For Dinner: Vegan Tagine


A recipe that doesn’t require much time or effort is perfect to come home to after a long day at work. A recipe that you can make massive portions of very cheaply to be reheated later is even better. Today is your lucky day – this vegan tagine scores highly on flavour and healthiness, and wonderfully low on difficulty and cost. One portion counts for a few of your 5-a-day too so you can give yourself a last minute boost if your nutrition has been lacking up to that point.

For Your Workout: Spiced Coffee Energy Balls


These little balls of delicious energy are perfect pre-gym snacks. They’ll give you a quick energy boost that’ll give you an edge at the gym, so you can focus on giving your best performance and not just on how tired your day left you feeling. Make a whole batch at once – they keep for up to two weeks!


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