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Say goodbye to the beast from the east, and embrace a seasonal feast with these healthy spring time recipes!

Spring is the time of new life, so shake off the winter blues and tuck into some new food ideas. Remember, buying foods¬†while they’re in season is usually cheaper, healthier, and tastier! This chart is an excellent guide to when certain food are in season. We’ve scoured the web for 5 healthy recipes that make the most of spring ingredients – bon appetit:

Spring Salmon With Minty Veg


As the days get longer and warmer, you might find yourself wanting to shake off those slightly stodgy winter foods of something a bit more fresh. Just as well then that salmon is in season! Paired with minty veg you can be eating something light and refreshing well into the summer.

Spaghetti with Watercress and Feta Pesto


A great vegetarian spring option, this flavour packed pasta dish is the perfect mid week thanks to its easy and quick preparation. Forget the stress and get eating!

Slow Cooked Lamb & Pomegranate


For those spring days that may still have a hint of winter chill, this dish is a great hearty option with a fresh fruity twist. Plus what could be a better emblem of spring than lamb?

Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas & Spring Herbs


With just 6 ingredients required, this dish is a budget friendly option that can be whipped up in a snap (no pun intended). Looking at the reviews, it certainly seems popular with the Eating Well community.

Rhubarb Upside Down Cake 


A slightly naughty sweet treat, there’s no better time of year to indulge in this rhubarb cake than spring! Plus, the meditative effects of baking can will certainly pair well with your brighter spring outlook!

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