February 14, 2017 Will Whyler 0Comment

Last Saturday we hosted our members-only official launch event at Spin Factory – and it went brilliantly! It was so fantastic to bring together our favourite partners, members and press to celebrate our official launch onto the fitness scene.

It’s been a long journey to get to this point, but we’re so proud of everything we’ve created and can share with you now.


The event began with attendees being split into two smaller groups so that everyone could get a personal, hands on experience with our partners. The first set of workouts was a session led by Spin Factory themselves, and a movement session with one of our favourite partners – Skot from fera. Both sessions served as a perfect warmup for the rest of the day – spin to set those hearts racing and movements to get everyone nice and limber.


Following that, one of our favourite office lunch spots Wahu (based in Spinningfields) served up some tasty treats for lunch including some amazing protein balls and wraps. Our friends at Just Bee drinks furnished us with some of their finest drinks to wash down all of that great food. Guests had the opportunity to mingle and compare how everyone was finding it so far. Those of you who we spoke to – we’re glad you were enjoying yourselves! It was great to find out so many of you had been using MagnaPass already and finding it so helpful.

Our always charming CEO Adam then delivered a killer speech about the MagnaPass journey so far. It was really important for us to put across how passionate we are about MagnaPass and crucially how keen we are to build the product around our users – both on the partner side and the customer side. After everyone had finished eating and felt ready to go we all split up again for a second round of workouts.




In the second half of the session we had the brilliant Lean Fitness join us to lead some HIIT, and then Julia from La Lune Yoga ended things nicely for us with a spot of yoga.  At this point everyone had had a taste of just a few of the great activities to be found on the MagnaPass timetable, and after 4 challenging workouts we thought we’d finally let our guests get some rest! After picking up their custom goody bags, everyone left that bit healthier (and sweatier!).


Thanks again to everyone who came, we’re extremely grateful for your continued support and look forward to seeing you at future you’ll be seeing us promoting shortly. If you couldn’t make it this time but think you might want to next time, be sure to follow us across Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to keep up to date with everything we’re up to.

If you’ve seen any activities you like the look of, Spin Factory, Lean Fitness, fera, and La Lune Yoga can all be found right now on our timetable!

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