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I’m no vegetarian myself – but with options like these who wouldn’t want to venture over to the dark side?

Whether you’re doing it for ethical, environmental, or health reasons, vegetarian (and vegan) diets are becoming  more prominent in our society. Restaurants are finally waking up to this reality and catering to meet consumer needs. However, sometimes they can be a bit tricky to find, so we thought we’d highlight a few of our favourites:


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I was lucky enough to be invited to their launch event earlier this year, and had the opportunity to try a variety of different dishes. Every single one of them was absolutely delicious – it honestly didn’t even occur to me that they were all vegetarian dishes until the friend I was with pointed it out.  I’d especially recommend the Tarka Dhal! Their menu is comprised of various small dishes for you to order so you can try lots of different things; not dissimilar from ordering tapas. Add in their fantastic selection of drinks, and you’d be silly not to give it a go. You can find Bundobust in Piccadilly Gardens.

Earth Café

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Below the Manchester Buddhist Centre, you can find Earth Café which promises “hearty hot meals made from scratch every day”. They more than deliver on that promise. Their menu changes every day based on what’s in season and best at market that day, but in the past I’ve had incredible Caribbean stir fry, Dhal, and even a “Pottage Pie”. They even have a juice bar too! If you’re like me and can never decide what you;re hungry for, Earth Café have got your back.

This & That

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While not ~strictly~ a vegetarian restaurant, this place tucked away in the Northern Quarter is very popular with my vegetarian friends as it’s one of the few restaurants that has as many veggie options as meat ones. If you walk past This & That at a lunchtime during the week the queue is always enormous – and for good reason. A great hearty curry & rice, from £3.90? Surely one the best deals in Manchester. What are you waiting for? Get stuck in!


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