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This is the team behind the blue timetable, the free yoga classes and the inspirational Instagram quotes. This is Magna. Here’s the squad: if you ever see us about, come and say hello. We promise we won’t challenge you to a burpee contest*.



Big fan of meal deals

Say hello on Twitter.

*Adam is also the one most likely to challenge you to a burpee contest.

Magna Team
Adam & Sean



Making it all ‘work’.

Say hello on Instagram.
Our CTO, Martin



Prefers to work into the very, very early hours of the morning.

Rebecca - Marketing VP


VP Marketing

Usually remote working.

Say hello on Instagram.



Georgina Cassar

In-house Olympic gymnast

Blogs her thoughts on fitness (and life) on Magnafied.

Say hello on Twitter


We promise no burpee contests, if you promise to come and say hello. Deal?

Adam and Sean have been thick as thieves since they were little. Some might never choose to go into business as friends: these two prove that it can work – a little patience is always key though. Although these two are brilliant with business, it’s Martin, the CTO, who is responsible for the sleek website you’re using right now.

And you probably got here through WOM, search or social media – that’s thanks to Rebecca. She’s our VP for Marketing, and the one who’s usually suggesting you got for the prettier lunch option (it’ll look better on Instagram – Georgina, our guest blogger, is also pretty big on the Instagram side of things as well).

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