August 15, 2017 Jessica Tsang 0Comment

If you’ve been following the MagnaPass journey from the beginning, you’ll know 2017 has been crazy for us. Hard work certainly pays off seeing the progress we have made in the last 6 months or so; and we’re excited to continue to grow!

Following from our launch party in February, we released MagnaPass Premium and created a series of monthly events we call ‘MagnaPass Experiences‘ for all our of members. We’ve brought weekly content from our blog and we even launched our video series MagnaPass Meets on Youtube.

Perhaps our proudest achievement this year (so far!) is growing our partner network across Greater Manchester. Finding a community which is so inspired by fitness, nutrition, and healthy living has meant that MagnaPass is able to work with a huge array talented fitness enthusiasts and professionals in the North West. We’ve hit over a hundred partners in Manchester, offering you hundreds of fitness classes on our timetable every week!

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We’ve also recently revamped our website bringing you a more user friendly platform to browse and book fitness classes. We’ve added a number of features like class filters, map locations, guest checkouts, Paypal and more! It’s never been simpler to discover and book the latest and greatest in fitness.  Today we proudly bring you our new rebranded logo! The new vibrant colour scheme to reflect the incredible, diverse fitness scene booming in our city.

Expect to see more features on our website soon like block bookings and more filters to make finding the perfect class for you easier! We’re also in the process of launching ‘Workspace’ – a tailored wellness package for companies so they can embrace a healthier and happier workplace. See more on amazing ideas to make your workplace healthier.

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