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We had an extra cosy bank holiday weekend, thanks to our yoga partners at MagnaPass and a very dreamy space. On Sunday, we had our Yoga in the City event which turned out exactly how we envisioned from the moment we started planning it.

We’re very grateful to be working in the beautiful OGS Works every day, so we thought – why not host an event here and let our MagnaPass members enjoy the beautiful space with a glass rooftop? What better way to relax on a Sunday morning? Yoga in the City featured three different styles of yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa and Budukon Inspired.


1. Hatha

Our partner Sara from Vybes Yoga began the session to wake our guests minds and bodies up with a relaxing Hatha flow session. It was peaceful, calm and relaxing – the room was warm and almost made our guests fall back into sleep mode (not what we intended!). After this, our guests were treated with sweet bites baked by the Raw Bake Station and jugs of lemon water to refreshen up.

kates session

2. Vinyasa

Next, our new partner Kate lead a vinyasa session. It was our first time working and meeting with Kate, she was lovely and introduced this event to many of her students.  Vinyasa is slightly more fast paced than Hatha but – everyone seemed to be loving the vibes here, especially due to her heart lifting playlist! You can find her playlist here.


3. Budukon Inspired

Just as the Vinyasa session started to get challenging – Emily from Yoga Lila really set our guests heart racing with the last session. Budukon is a fusion of yoga, martial arts and meditation. This was definitely different, unique and slightly more difficult but it was all worth the good vibes afterwards.


After all the yoga (a lot of yoga), our lovely friends at Rude Health had provided us with an amazing breakfast. Their lovely ambassador Lucy came to help for the day and we had a breakfast feast – with choices of granola pots,  muesli pots, a bottle of almond milk for everyone. We got creative with the pots and decided to host a mini giveaway too.

After food, we all relaxed and chatted with our guests and it was a great time to meet some of our partners for the first time and get to know everyone. A few guests mentioned they enjoyed the music choices for the day – great news is that we’ve got our own Spotify account so you can find our Yoga in the City playlist here.

Thank you again for our partners and guests for making this event for what it was!

The MagnaPass Team

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