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On Sunday, we hosted a very special MagnaPass experience in collaboration with Ultimate Performance.

It was a huge success – we especially enjoyed being able to embrace the Manchester sunshine with a great outdoor workout. with A very big thank you to┬áJames, Jack and Owen, the UP trainers for this special event, as well as Andrew who did the photography for the day.

Photo 23-04-2017, 3 41 06 pm (2) (1)

The event was held at UP at Old Granada Studios, we had a great turn up of guests on a sunny Sunday morning! It was brilliant to bring together our MagnaPass members to one of the best personal training groups around and show them how exactly they train!

Photo 23-04-2017, 3 41 26 pm (5)

Our guests we’re split into two groups to begin with to get a more hands one experience with the trainers. One group started with weight training whilst the other was outside doing circuit training – what UP call ‘Strong Man’! After half an hour – the groups swapped over. Afterwards, each person got to finish their workouts strong by pushing a prowler sled (some even got extra human weight added on!) across the track.

Photo 23-04-2017, 3 41 10 pm (4)

Photo 23-04-2017, 3 41 15 pm (3)

Let’s just say that it wasn’t easy – but most definitely worth the aches afterwards! We ended up the event with giving away our goody bags. Inside we’re our snacks from our favourite brands including: Just Bee, Primal Pantry, Pulsin, Hippeas as well as more content from MagnaPass and Ultimate Performance.

Photo 23-04-2017, 3 41 07 pm (2)

We really hope our guests enjoyed the MagnaPass experience and as the weather gets warmer – we’re excited to find more outdoor activities and workouts for our members.

MagnaPass Team

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