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Last Saturday we held an extra special Sunday morning event at the beautiful cafe, LEAF on Portland Street. Nourish and Flow was led by Manchester based yogi and nutritionist Sarah Jackson. The day consisted of some yoga, nutrition chit chat and ended with brunch – the perfect way to start a Sunday.

The day was a huge success and we had so much fun! We didn’t expect the amount of people who booked onto the event last minute so we managed to fill the cafe basement perfectly with our yogis. We had a range of guests turn up for the event. Girls, guys, yoga beginners, and even some experts!



Sarah’s vinyasa session was just the right level for a beginner but she made it challenging for those who were experienced too. She added some optional moves in there which got us all aching (especially the plank..) The beautiful lantern inspired light shades and wooden floors made the yoga session extra relaxing.


Afterwards, we took a short break and sat down together and listened to Sarah talk all about the topic ‘balance’.  Balance not just in terms of the foods we choose to eat but on a bigger scale – the lifestyle we want to live and deciding who/what advice to follow. If we had to take one thing away from the talk, it was that the choices we make are ultimately for us and there is no right or wrong.


The talk was a real highlight of the day – you could really tell how passionate and knowledgable Sarah is about health and nutrition! She also spoke about the importance of multivitamins, the gut, and she finished off the chat with questions about diets, food and working out.


WhatsApp Image 2017-09-25 at 14.09.48

To finish off, we all headed upstairs to the cafe and enjoys our delicious granola bowls. This was a great time to bond and get to know all of guests. It was also great to wind down with food and to finish the event.

We really hope all our guests enjoyed this experience as much as we did. If you missed this event, we’ll be back with more so keep checking on our Experiences page for more.

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