October 24, 2017 Will Whyler 0Comment

A few weeks ago we headed down to GFF Damian Dance Studios for a crash course in Pole and Air Hoop. A few bruises and lots of fun times later, see how we got on… 

For our latest MagnaPass Experience we took to the skies with GFF Damian Dance Studio for a session of pole fitness and air hoop. Along with our fantastic ambassador Annabel we buckled ourselves in for a brand new experience – we couldn’t wait! Both Annabel had tried pole before but never done anything in a hoop, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Damian’s studio is a gorgeous hidden gem – filled with great lighting and even some very seasonal Halloween decorations.


After a short but gruelling warm up led by the always wonderful Damian we were ready to get on the pole and test our mettle. Damian started us out with some nice easy introductory moves to get used to the pole and to help us stop being so nervous before we tried some more advanced moves. To our surprise and under thanks to Damian’s excellent teaching we quickly got the hang of it and found ourselves trying out moves we couldn’t have dreamed of doing only 30 minutes earlier! Pole definitely requires a different kind strength to the gym – Damian gleefully told us he’s had lots of  slightly over-confident personal trainers come in and actually struggle to do some of the moves we were doing with a little practice.


After a quick break for a breather (and lots of instagram photos) we took to the skies and tried some hoop work. Hoop is a little easier in terms of strength required since more of your body weight is supported by the hoop compared to hanging off of a pole. Instead, we focussed more on building skills and movements that would allow us to get on and off the hoop safely, as well as show off some tricks. With a bit of support Annabel and I both took to it like ducks to water and even managed to impress ourselves.


Thanks again to Damian for an incredible session – he really cultivated a fantastic atmosphere that out us at ease and was most importantly, fun! We’d also love to thank everyone who came. It always helps when trying new things to have such a supportive and fun group.

If you’d like to give Damian’s class a try, you can find a whole host of them on our timetable, including some at MagnaPass exclusive discounted rates!

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