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We recently teamed up with TRAIN Manchester and SkinnyBrands to deliver another killer MagnaPass Experience!

TRAIN is a crossfit gym based in Castlefield Manchester – we’ve been watching what they’ve been doing for a while and jumped at the opportunity to work with them on one of our MagnaPass Experiences. They deliver world class training sessions to all of their members, and we wanted to be able to give our MagnaPass premium members a taste of that.

Of course, with the experience being held on a friday night, we thought it would be nice to have a few drinks to follow. Now we all know that alcoholic drinks can be pretty heavy on calorie content – so enter SkinnyBrands, the UK’s first specialist in low calorie alcoholic alternatives. They brought down a few samples of their cocktails for our members to enjoy after their conditioning session.


The workout started with a quick warmup before our members were paired off into teams to take on a circuit put together by the team and TRAIN. The circuit included burpees, stints on the rowing machines, and wall balls shots. Our teams had to race to the finish as they completed multiple sets of each exercise.



This was no easy task – lots of teams may have slightly underestimated the challenge ahead of them since towards the end of the session most of them had slowed down significantly. We like to think of this as a good sign, after all – no pain no gain. With a bit of a team effort and lots of banding together, everyone did themselves proud and successfully finished the workout.

DSC05066 DSC05071

Now it was time for some well earned refreshments, courtesy of SkinnyBrands. Our guests enjoyed mojitos, cosmos, and even some really fantastic beers. Some people went in skeptical of the promise to deliver great drinks at a lower calorie count, but judging from the positive responses and empty glasses at the end we think they went down a treat.


Thanks again to everyone who came to the session – it was fantastic to meet you and you all absolutely blew away our expectations. They’re certainly a fit bunch these MagnaPass members. An extra big thanks to TRAIN and SkinnyBrands for all of their help with one of our favourite events ever! We even put an extra special video together to celebrate, take a peek:

Couldn’t make it to this experience but like what you see? You can find classes from TRAIN on the MagnaPass timetable right now.

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