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Why more and more freelancers are turning to online booking systems to streamline their lives.

It can feel like with each passing day our lives are becoming more complicated.

If you run a fitness business of any size you’ve probably noticed that the world around you has never been so complex or so competitive.

From managing your finances, organising your schedule, and driving attendance – there’s a lot more to running your dream business than people think. Running a business requires you to be a marketer, an accountant, a web designer, and a whole host of other roles on top of your main tasks.


Especially if you’re a freelancer, this can make staying competitive feel daunting and leave you so stressed you can’t sleep at night worrying about this and that. “What if no one turns up to my class?”, “how will I cover the costs of running my business?”, even “how will I make a living?”.

What if there was a way to minimise all of that, clear your mind, and get back to doing the thing you love? A way to stop everything feeling feeling like an uphill battle, and instead give yourself a running start against your competitors.

More and more businesses which have traditionally operated offline have begun using online booking services. These services can have a transformative impact on the way you work by simply taking the hassle out of the admin sides of your business.


We’ve heard plenty of horror stories from fitness pros about broken promises to attend classes, people leaving just before the end to avoid paying, and even participants straight up refusing to pay for the class at the end because they “forgot their money”. If you rely on the cash flow from your classes to keep your business moving, instances like these are sure to grind your gears.

Online booking systems allow you to direct customers to a page where they book their place in your class, can see detailed information about it, and perhaps most importantly – pay in advance. No more people skipping out of your classes without paying!

They also have other benefits like giving you a personalised online home for your business. Setting up a whole website for yourself can be time consuming, expensive, and more often than not, leave you with a result that looks a little, shall we say… homemade. to to mention most businesses don’t really need more than one simple page!

Run your business from your MagnaPass profile, featuring all of your classes, one-to-ones, packages, and more!
Run your business from your MagnaPass profile, featuring all of your classes, one-to-ones, packages, and more!

Having a place that can host all of the information your customers need like your schedule, information about the classes you offer, and how to follow you on social media negates the need for a full website. Why not save yourself the hassle and cost of managing an entire website when someone else can do the heavy lifting for you.

People want to support local businesses in their community so let them find you! If you’re a smaller, local business it can feel like your bigger competitors already have the world of online stitched up with their millions of followers, slick websites, and established online stores. The advent of fully featured booking systems has levelled the playing field and meant that anyone can have a strong online presence.

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Seeing who’s booked onto your classes allows you to understand who your market is, who’s a repeat customer, and build a community to call your own. Connect with your customers and build a loyal following much more easily.

MagnaPass offers the only fully featured solution exclusively made for health and fitness professionals. Build out your profile, fill up your calendar, and take advanced payments from your customers in just a few clicks! The platform is designed to be easy to use and as flexible as you need it to be.

Have sessions across a variety of venues? MagnaPass can handle that.

Want to offer one-to-one sessions? it can do that too.

The ability to sell classes in packages? Go for it.

Find out why more and more fitness businesses of every size, from yoga teachers to pilates studios are choosing reap the rewards of getting a booking system – try MagnaPass for free, or upgrade to MagnaPass Pro for even more control. Everyone can try MagnaPass Pro for free for 30 days here.

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