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Yes, Urban Retreat is primarily a fitness and wellness festival – but food is a big part of that too! Check out the vendors coming this Friday!


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Beastro in a nutshell: incredible meat, prepared beautifully, paired with delicious locally sourced extras. Their commitment to excellence really makes them stand out from the pack – we promise you won’t be walking away from these guys unsatisfied! Plus you can be proud munching down on one of their delicious sandwiches knowing that everything was locally sourced.

Soul Vegan

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Have you ever tried dairy-free ice cream? The ice cream on offer from Soul Vegan is all vegan, all delicious, and (mostly) guilt free! From instagram ready Unicorn Sundaes to chocolate orange ice cream, there’s a sweet treat for everyone here. Using coconut milk and various natural ingredients like fruits these guys will satisfy your sweet tooth in no time.

SoulMate Food

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Having worked with the likes of Sony, Nike, and Harrods, we so pleased to announce that the next stop for Soulmate Food will be Urban Retreat! Providing a wide variety of food all centred around being healthy and tasty there’s something to suit everyone’s taste on their menu. Their knowledgable chefs have made an art of nutritious, delicious food – we can’t wait for you to try it.

Vegan Food Pod

Have vegans ever been so well catered to at an event? Another of our vegan eateries is the Vegan Food Pod! These guys cover everything from sweet to savoury  keep an eye out for their vegan donuts and incredible falafels! Certainly not one to be missed – seeing (and tasting!) is believing when it comes to how good their food is.

Smoothie Bikes

We’ll also be running our own charity smoothie bike station on the day too. Simply choose your fruits, make a donation, and then hop on the bike to get powering the blender! A workout and a smoothie, all in the name of a good cause – what could be better?

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