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It’s been nearly a year since MagnaPass officially launched to the public. In that time we’ve gone from strength to strength, but in the background we’ve been working to make MagnaPass even better. So here goes:

Our biggest update ever is all about making it easier for all of our partners to do what they do best – training and inspiring their clients. We’ve given partners more power to dictate how they work, offering their clients the more flexible options to work with them. From adding one-to-one sessions, the ability to sell classes in packages, or getting more information to connect to their customers, MagnaPass partners now have better tools than ever to run their fitness business as simply and smoothly as possible. The power is now entirely in your hands.

This upgrade will be available to all partners as part of a MagnaPass Pro monthly subscription for only £25/month (plus VAT), with some updates being offered to everyone as a general upgrade to the platform. You can try MagnaPass Pro today for a month, totally free! Let’s cover the headline features:

Run your business from your MagnaPass profile, featuring all of your classes, one-to-ones, packages, and more!
Run your business from your beautiful MagnaPass profile, featuring all of your classes, one-to-ones, packages, and more!

Simplified Interface

Launching MagnaPass a year ago was all about giving partners the tools they needed to focus on their real jobs – being fitness experts. A year later, we’ve had time to refine and simplify the interface of our platform so that it’s never been easier to create a class and let your customers get booking. There’s lots of little tweaks and improvements under the hood which means everything should work faster too! Speedy and simple. This means less time spent stressing about making sure you’ve set classes properly, and even more time spent doing what you love.

Lower Fees

MagnaPass Pro partners benefit from a 76% reduction in the transaction fee they’re charged on the MagnaPass platform – from 7.9% to 1.9%. It doesn’t take a maths whizz to see how this is a huge benefit for any business doing more than a few bookings. Free membership will still be available to partners who may be just starting out, MagnaPass Pro is perfect for those ready for a boost. Put simply – pocket even more of the cash you earn from your classes while also getting access to the most streamlined bookings management system around. Sounds good to us.

One-To-One Sessions

image (3)
Let your clients know when you’re free for one-to-one session and they can quickly book times which work for both of you.

Pro Partners can now offer one to one sessions with their customers – perfect for any personal trainers, yogis, or anyone else looking to give private coaching to their clients. Simply let your customers know when you’re available and let them book your time. No more messing around with complicated timetables, this is fitness -smoother than ever.


In addition to private sessions, all partners can bundle together classes in a package to sell to their customers. You offer a 6 week training course? Make a package for it. Want to give your customers a discount for buying a bunch of sessions at once? Make a package for it.

As a MagnaPass pro partner – you’ll have all the control and flexibility you need to satisfy your customers needs, whatever form they may take using one simple platform.

Weekly Calendar

It's easier than ever to clearly see what classes you are runnign soon, allowing you to plan your time effectively.
It’s easier than ever to clearly see what classes you are running soon, allowing you to plan your time effectively.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can change how you work. Many of our partners told us that it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with all of their bookings across all of the different systems they use. That’s why we’ve built in a calendar right into the heart of our system so that you can see what classes you have coming up, and who’s booked onto them.  With MagnaPass Pro, you’ll finally have a comprehensive view of everything you’ve got coming up so that you can plan your time most effectively.

Continued Support

From now on we’ll be working to bring you feature updates on a more regular basis so that your experience with MagnaPass is constantly improving. We’ve got lots of ideas on how to improve and expand MagnaPass, so to start here’s some of the features currently in the update pipeline:

  • The ability to sell memberships for your business.
  • The ability to integrate MagnaPass into your existing website.
  • Reporting and analysis of all of the data surrounding your business.
  • Any time fund withdrawals.
  • Targeted member notifications to help you communicate better with your clients.

Let’s Get You Started

MagnaPass Pro completely bridges the gap between customers and partners, offering flexibility and control to partners which allows us to finally deliver the 360 degree solution we’ve always wanted it to be. No more having to use 5 different platforms to access all the features you need. No more having to sign up for rip-off services in order to compete with bigger businesses.  MagnaPass Pro gives everyone access to the tools they need to let their business thrive, for an affordable price.

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Every partner can access a 1 month free trial by clicking here. Join hundreds of other businesses and teachers using MagnaPass today. From industry heavyweights like Lululemon to teachers just starting out on their journey, we have a solution for everyone.

We’re really proud of this upgrade and can’t wait to see how you all use it to expand your businesses!

Team MagnaPass.

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