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You asked for it, and we listened – today we’re proud to officially announce the launch of MagnaPass Premium, our membership scheme. It’s absolutely bursting with discounts, V.I.P. events, and exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else! Here’s a quick rundown of what’s included:

MagnaPass Experiences


As part of your membership, you are cordially invited to multiple special events totally exclusive to MagnaPass Premium members every single month. From priority access to our newest partners, fitness workshops, and even a few events held in some very special locations; this is the only membership you’ll need to keep you in the loop of the latest and greatest on MagnaPass!

Class Discounts


Join Premium and get up to 50% off discount on our partners classes that are on the MagnaPass timetable. We’ve already got a 20% off rock climbing induction class discount and 33% off any class at Lean Fitness Studios. Of course, this will include discounts on our GiftPass too.

Offers and Deals


Everyone loves a bargain. That’s why we’ve collaborated with some of our favourite brands to give MagnaPass premium members exclusive discounts. Expect offers from the likes of Jim Bag, Lululemon, Another Heart to Feed and more. We’re always partnering with new brands, so expect even more discounts and offers as time goes on.

Exclusive Content

MagnaPass Meets fera

We’re teaming up with some of our partners to produce workout routines, nutrition plans, and even behind the scenes content – all exclusive for MagnaPass premium members. Expect a regular flow of great stuff that’ll make sure you’re up to speed on every development in the world of fitness. You’ll be the first to hear about anything new going on here at MagnaPass too!

MagnaPass premium is available now, to celebrate the launch we’re offering Premium for 50% off the first month up until the end of April.

Click here to read more & sign up, and take the next step on your fitness journey!

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