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It’s that time of year again. Leaves are falling, coats are becoming a must, and the clocks have gone back an hour (a whole sweet extra hour of sleep, praise!).

As always, I’m impatiently looking forward to cosy days on the sofa and the relentless playing of Christmas music in every public space and place, however, what I can’t help but remember is the cold, dark mornings and the crispy chill of winter air on my face during any excursion to the outside…


(Places I’d rather be… @blackcrowleatherco)  


So, in order to avoid total despair, I have decided to create a list. A list of ways to stay motivated during the winter months and of strategies to utilise in times of doom and gloom to get me straight back on track.            


Create heat.  


As warm blooded mammals we are programmed to keep the inside of our bodies at a constant temperature however being humans also means we don’t have to work so hard. Crank that heater up, fix it so that it turns on an hour before your morning alarm goes off and get your work clothes on the radiator. Warmer winter mornings means more motivation to get up and out of bed.


(Not all winter mornings are bad, see?!)


Stay Hydrated.


You should always drink plenty of water. I think you know that by now. However, splashing your face with cold water or getting straight in the shower before your morning coffee regime will get you feeling far more awake and ready to attack the day than snoozing your alarm and leaving the house in an almighty rush… (I really need to practice what I preach).


(Or make your morning workout water based! Two birds, one stone.)          


Book in some Hot Yoga.  


When everything and everywhere is cold, hit your nearest hot yoga class. For one whole hour you can feel like you are lying on a beach in southern Spain, soaking up some glorious sunshine (minus the burn risk) whilst your winter worries fade away. Not only do these classes both facilitate and improve your flexibility but they are also good for testing your imagination skills! Let Magna transport you to hotter climes – Sign up NOW!  


(Warmth = Happiness)


Get Outside.


Ah the underestimated power of fresh air. Get your winter warmers on, get yourself outside and get that cold winter air into your lungs. Nothing says ‘good mood’ like breathing in a healthy dose of oxygen. You’ll get your blood pumping, your brain ready for action and trust me when I say, you’ll feel a whole lot better for it.


A photo posted by Georgina Cassar (@georgina_cassar) on


(I’m not going to tell you getting a dog is a good idea (it is) but they are a very good excuse to get your daily dose of O2!)      




Following on from my last point, future you will thank past you 100 times over if you make sure you have all the right gear. I have been known to cry from being so utterly freezing before that this year I have made sure I have a suitable coat, shoes and a range of scarves to choose from before any venture to the outdoors. Take a leaf out of my book! 

Blimey, cold weather never looked so hot. A photo posted by Sweaty Betty (@sweatybetty) on


(@sweatybetty: Blurring the lines between fitness and fashion since 1998)


Try something NEW.


In good, seasonal spirit, why not try a new activity? Chill Factore houses both Manchester’s and the UK’s longest indoor skiing and snowboarding slopes as well as a 12m climbing wall, a range of restaurants and shopping and a “Mini Moose Land” for the younger ones. There are hours of fun to be had in this exciting and festive venue, so make sure to put it on your Christmas bucket list this year!


A photo posted by Chill Factore (@chillfactore) on


(You are so welcome.)


Sign yourself up.


Winter is now but spring is SOON. Look forward and think about signing up for a spring challenge such as Manchester’s half marathon or a Tough Mudder event. Nothing says motivation like putting your name on a list and paying for the privilege. The harder you work through winter, the more grateful you will be come spring/summer!



Stay motivated this Winter by  signing up now for your first free class with MAGNA. The best way to find and book fitness classes around Manchester.

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