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It’s that time of the year again. The days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer. We step out of the office and the skies are looking all gloomy and dark. We wake up in the morning for work and it’s still dark outside. Talk about summer withdrawal symptoms!

Autumn and Winter months can be a struggle for many people who want to stay motivated. When I say motivated… that’s not just working out and exercising. It’s also our lifestyle choices in general like our food & drink choices, sleeping habits, work projects and more.

Personally, I’m a winter baby – I love when the colder months hit; the sound & texture of leaves crunching below my feet, the piping hot lattes, and chunky knits I get to wear to work. It could be all the more exciting occasions that fall in these months (Halloween, Bonfire night, birthdays and Christmas) which make me love this season even more!

But if you’re not like me, and colder months are generally more difficult for you to stay motivated, then here a few things to keep you going through Autumn and Winter:


1) Wake up early

“What? It’s so dark and cold outside, let me hit the snooze button just once more.”  I know, sometimes that’s how I feel too but let’s face it, sleeping in more wont help you boost your energy level, it might even make you feel more sluggish and tired. You should make the most of daylight while the days are getting shorter, right? Get up, make yourself that morning coffee, take your time and make a hearty breakfast, you can see some of our favourite and easy breakfast ideas here.

2) Exercise

I completely understand not wanting to go run outside as one of the worst aspects is the deep chill we feel all the way through our bones. There’s nothing worse than loosing sensation in our fingers and toes. I also know it takes some dedication to choose going to the gym over snuggling on the sofa watching Netflix. My advice is to just do it. Get your gear on, start and before you know it, you’ll have completed your workout with a proud smirk on your face!

If leaving the house is just a big no for you in colder months then why not opt for a home workout? You don’t need much equipment to get your heart pumping and body sweating. Just buy some hand weights, a skipping rope, and a yoga mat and you’re good to go. There’s so many workout guides and video tutorials online which you can do at home. You can even practice some yoga in the morning to get your workout in, see the benefits of practicing yoga in the morning here.

Another great way to stay warm and motivated is to workout indoors. Working out in a group can help motivation and also make the experience more enjoyable. MagnaPass have over 300 fitness classes weekly on the timetable, with fitness professionals to guide and teach you through a workout, there’s guaranteed to be something for you to fall in love with! See MagnaPass classes here.

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3) Eat Right

It sounds like a great idea to indulge in some chocolates in front of the TV or tuck into some take out on a cold day. Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, though I wouldn’t encourage it too often. It’s so easy to fall off the rails during colder months, our bodies tend to crave more naughty treats and foods that bring us comfort and warmth.

We’re all about balance here so make sure to eat a balanced diet. Load up on your fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water to keep hydrated during the day. If you struggle to stay motivated to eat right during colder months then the next tip is for you.

4) Make a Plan

Creating a to-do list at the start of the day or week can really help you set your goals and keep you motivated during the colder months. If you’ve got lots of tasks to do then try and create to do lists everyday to slowly make your way there. Make sure to plan your workouts, food shopping/prep and make time for plenty of rest.


5) Enjoy the little things

Autumn and Winter are great seasons with lots of exciting things. You can go out to a bonfire and watch the fireworks whilst eating a sticky toffee apples. You can take long walks in the park and enjoy the crisp air under the sunny weather. You can curl up near the fireplace and enjoy your favourite film marathons. All these things that you can’t enjoy in the summer. Take a moment to appreciate all the little things in colder months and you’ll feel content.

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