November 7, 2017 Jessica Tsang 0Comment

When life gets busy (let’s face it…that’s majority of the time!) fitness seems to be the first thing out the window. The autumn/winter seasons especially is when we’re guilty from hangovers and huge family meals, it’s so easy to forget fitness when 2018 is just around the corner so it makes sense to “start over” then.

But if you are serious about incorporating fitness into your lifestyle, you might need some tips and strategies to help you fit fitness into your routine even when you’re a busy bee..

Here are five ways to fit fitness into your busy schedule, even for super busy people!


How to fit fitness into your busy schedule:

1. Workout efficiently.

Pick a workout where you can do anywhere, whether you’re travelling or you’re finishing late from work. Ideally, this type of workout doesn’t require a lot of preparation or equipment for you to start sweating and feeling the heat. Personally, my favourite is HIIT and bodyweight exercises, running is a great choice too!

2. Workout in the morning.

I know, that snooze button is the most tempting thing in the world but this one will change your fitness game forever. Waking up an hour earlier to fit in your workout first thing in the morning will set your mind straight and you will feel so much more productive. Our lives are filled with unexpected plans like traffic jams, last minute meals, overtime and more.. working out early in the morning lets you enjoy the day without a workout hanging over your head.

3. Make a plan.

Make a schedule and stick to it. We’ve all heard it before… “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. We have to admit we make excuses for ourselves and yes sometimes we can be caught up in our busy lives, but if you make fitness a priority, you will find the time. Make a schedule, stick to it and remind yourself working out is a priority worth keeping.

4. Make your home workout ready.

To keep fitness in my busy schedule, I choose to workout at home. For me, it saves me time from travelling to a gym back and forth but I can still ensure I sweat and work harder than I would at a gym. You can buy simple home workout equipment online and you can find workout videos online which you can follow. All you need is a set of weights, a workout mat and a heart pumping workout playlist!

5. Choose something over nothing.

You don’t need to be pumping out 45 minute workouts each time you workout for it to be effective. Doing something is better than nothing. So, if you decide to skip your workout because you’re really not feeling it, then heck.. don’t force yourself to do it. Find an alternative, do some bodyweight exercises whilst watching your favourite TV programme, go out for a walk and get a coffee.

The idea is working out should not feel like a chore but something you enjoy and it should fit seamlessly into your life. Figuring out a schedule and strategy means your fitness routine will be long term and become a part of your life.


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