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Magna actually started as Proteineez. This was an idea cooked up, quite literally, between Sean and Adam.

These two have been friends for longer than they have been able to lift, and they have been lifting for a long time. They’re thick as thieves.

Magna Team
Adam & Sean

As they entered the bro years (see also: spending University hours in the gym instead of the library) they got creative with homemade protein bars. They were cheaper to produce at home, but after garnering interest from fellow ‘bros’, they realised it was something they could turn into a business. And thus the first few protein powder pumped, oaty, honey-laden Proteineez were born.


Neither Adam or Sean are chefs. Thus, it wasn’t really logical to build their own professional kitchen, in order to scale the business. Instead, they turned their entrepreneurial brains to creating a scalable, student-focused health and fitness marketplace. Until they realized students are usually more into tequila than TRX.

And thus, in it’s place, Magna was born.

This was a few years back. They have both always been keen on fitness, and finding new ways to break a sweat. However, there was always a problem with the current gym options offered – they were usually chains, overcrowded when you wanted to use them, and the contracts were a pickle to get out of (to say the least).

So they looked towards independent options. Gyms that had more of a community vibe – you walk in, and the trainers know your name because it’s a small gym (not because it’s in their job description to remember it).

But they both found that these independent branches often faces problems with staying open for a longer period of time – business is harder to come by when you’re competing with cheap, 24/7 access fitness warehouses on the high street. But as both Sean and Adam had already tried creating a marketplace for students, they realised there was potential to use something similar for small fitness studios.

This is what we know today as Magna. It’s the site you’re using. It’s the way you book free classes on Magna. It’s this blog post. This is all Magna.

With Magna, you can book into these small studios and boutique gyms on the go. It’s the same easy access as the 24/7 giants, but instead of being booted into a hall full of machines, you’ll get a personalised experience. You’ll get to know your trainers and look forward to your workout – whether it’s getting those deadlifts in, hitting the Stairmaster or zenning out with hatha flow.

At least, this is what we have found so far. We’d love for you to try it.

Book your first (free) class with Magna.

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