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Recently I have regained my exercise mojo after being on what I like to call Fiternity Leave.

Fiternity Leave.

(n.) A period of absence from exercise whether it be for health reasons or just bone idleness.

“Anna’s not coming to spin class, she broke her leg falling off a table in Mojo’s so she’s on fiternity leave”


I wish I had the excuse of a broken limb, but my fiternity leave originated from pure lack of motivation. I used to be the person who signed up for a gym membership, hopelessly attempted to use the machines, and left feeling as unfulfilled and disappointed as one must feel after a one-night stand or eating a pot noodle. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why I fell out of love with fitness. But being a member of the MagnaPass team has completely changed my relationship with working out. I have now bounced back, becoming a full-fledged and utterly shameless fitness class fiend. So I’ve been seeing what Manchester’s independent health & fitness scene has to offer…and dragging my CEO along with me to feel the burn.


Nestled amongst the bars and cafes of Oldham Street, with an exterior that fits in with the quirky street art of the Northern Quarter, you will find Gym & Juice. My immediate thought about this sleek and sexy studio was “You can see why this place is used as a location for celeb photo shoots.” It is so aesthetically pleasing. It makes an Insta baby like myself giddy with excitement. I know it sounds superficial to get excited about the visuals, but for me, working out in a space that looks nice gives me that extra surge of motivation. The venue gave off a refreshing vibe, which was pleasantly surprising for a basement space. However with one flick of a light switch and a bump of the volume button, it was transformed into what felt like a chic nightclub. And I was loving it. The combination of the disco style lights and the RnB music gave me the injection of life that was very much needed for a mid-week workout. I was already pumped and we hadn’t even started yet.


Now. Time for the actual session. We had booked on to their ASSPIRATION class. Think glutes galore. Predominantly, it took the form of a circuit style with around 9 stations. Each station had its own intense and gruelling exercise targeting your bum and legs. You worked at every station for 2 sets of 45 seconds before moving on to the next. It involved using a variation of resistance bands, kettle bells, medicine balls, dumbells, the odd piece of TRX equipment and a smith machine. At the beginning, I was nervous. The people around me looked incredibly in shape, whereas I was still finding my feet. But Nigel, the friendly face of Gym & Juice, reassured me and was patiently on hand if you needed him. What was so great about Nigel’s approach is he had the perfect balance. He was there to help if your form wasn’t right, or if you needed a bit of a push through the last couple of seconds of the workout. But he was never too invasive or pushy like some of the more tyrannical instructors that bark down your neck.

IMG_3331 (1)

Gym & Juice’s ASSPIRATION class truly was a glutes ASSASSINATION. But what’s the point in going to a bum sculpting session unless your legs are wobbling all over the place by the end of it? I left the class feeling incredibly worked, but strangely energised. The nightclub vibe and friendly faces made it a really unique and fun experience, softening the fierceness of what was ultimately a very difficult workout. So Thank You Gym & Juice for adding some excitement into what would have otherwise been a dull wednesday evening workout, we had a blast! The absolutely only negative was something that I noticed the second I walked in – and I knew it would literally come back to bite me in the bum at the end of the training: the staircase. Getting up those b*stards at the end was a killer.

To find out more about Gym & Juice, check out their website and Instagram:



















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