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We bust a common misconception about yoga with some cold, hard facts. 

Time and time again we come across one stereotype that really grinds our gears – that yoga isn’t really a proper workout, or that it’s ‘just for girls’ (as if there’s anything wrong being a girl!). Yoga is a huge diverse world, but if there’s one thing that seems to be true of every yoga class we’ve ever been to,  it’s that women outnumber men by a huge margin. We’ve talked to lots of guys about this and they always tell us the same thing:

“Yoga is for girls”

“It’s not a proper workout”

“Men aren’t flexible enough for yoga”

We’ve heard every excuse in the book, and they’re simply not true. Men absolutely have as much to gain from doing yoga as women do. The idea that yoga is a “chick workout” (as one person put it to us) is so old fashioned and misinformed – we need to leave that kind of thinking in the past.

First of all, there is no such thing as a “chick workout”, there’s just workouts. When a lot of guys say this, they seem to think yoga is easy and not challenging enough for them and their intense workout schedule; that is, until they actually give it a go. We’ve taken plenty of very athletic guys to yoga classes where they’ve left absolutely exhausted, and convinced that yoga isn’t quite so easy as they thought. Maybe there’s more to it than just doing a few daft poses with silly names after all.

In fact, yoga has been demonstrated to have plenty of benefits for everyone that you just won’t find in the gym. From lower blood pressure, to relieving anxiety and depression, to generally improved strength and fitness – yoga can help you out in lots of ways that you may not have realised. Yoga is so reliably effective as an all round workout that many professional athletes like LeBron James and the New Zealand All Blacks have made it a key part of their workout routines. Let’s repeat that; people in careers which depend on their fitness think yoga is an important part of their time. But by all means tell us how you won’t see any benefit from it.



What’s going to make you look more foolish, doing a downward face dog every now and again, or pretending like yoga isn’t a great workout contrary to an absolute mountain of evidence from the likes of Men’s Fitness, The Washington Post, and

The final barrier in convincing guys to give yoga a try is this bizarre idea that men simply can’t do it. Some people seem to having this misguided idea that men aren’t flexible enough, or that the poses are designed for women’s bodies, or some other pseudo-biological reason they can’t do it. Of course men can do it! There are literally hundreds of millions of men doing yoga every week around the world. Sure, if you’re more used to strength or cardio exercises you might find it more difficult at first since your body will be a little tighter. But we’re sure you weren’t as good at those exercises when you started as you are now, and the same applies here. Practice makes perfect, yoga is no exception.


Guys, don’t sell yourself short because you’ve never tried yoga before or you’re a bit scared about embarrassing yourself. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain. No one starts yoga as a total expert, just like no one benches huge numbers right off the bat – but perseverance pays off and there’s never been a better time to start than right now. Do yourself a favour and dive into the world of yoga on the MagnaPass timetable – you never know, you might just end up enjoying it.

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