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We’re so pleased to announce that the competition to rename our blog has come to the end – and we’ve picked a winner!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, we loved seeing all of your ideas. It was a really tough decision – we received loads more entries that we’d expected. Some people with extra big imaginations even sent us 6 or 7 options! In the end, the winning entry was sent with just hours to go before the deadline.

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Congratulations to Eleni of Blonde Health Quest for coming up with our favourite entry. Get used to hearing it – this blog is officially now dubbed “Magnafied”! We especially liked her explanation of the name she sent over with her entry:

The thought behind the name is that your blog represents a closer look at what you do. People will learn about your objectives through the blog – what you’re all about. The blog is personal and is an in-depth, ‘Magnafied’ representation of your brand.

How slick is that?


To make it even better, when Eleni found out she’d won she revealed she was sharing her prize with her mum who’s currently going after some fitness goals of her own. We thought this was so brilliant and touching that we decided to add a bronze GiftPass to the prize so that they could tackle a fitness class together too. Eleni & Elenis mum – we salute you.


We honestly couldn’t have wished for a better name or a more deserving winner; it’s moments like these that keep us doing what we’re doing! Keep an eye on Magnafied for lots of exciting content coming your way soon!

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