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Last week, Annabel and Rachel our Brand Ambassadors went and gave our lovely partner Polly Yoga and Massage. The MagnaPass team have been meaning to try Polly’s Swara Slow Flow class but we’re thankful our ambassadors we’re able to represent us and trying it out! Here’s their experience on the this class.

Where? Rebalance Pilates Studios
When? Every Wednesday at 7pm
Who? Polly Yoga and Massage
How? Book Class Here

Swara Slow Flow is a great way to connect with your body by focusing on your breathe and challenging your body with repetitive movements.

The class
In an instant, Polly’s guidance has you unwinding and forgetting about the day – this hour of movement is all you need to think about.

With her encouragement, we listened to our bodies, noticing any tightness and embraced each new flow to work through easing any tension. All the while, our movements were guided by our inhalation and exhalations. The repetition of movements, such as knee raises and side stretches, will sneak up on you however, working your body until you feel the burn – as well as the stretch.

Swara Slow Flow is fit for all abilities, you are welcomed to take each stretch that little bit further or to tone it down to a more comfortable level. This class has the perfect balance of movements and mindfulness.


The venue
This gorgeous and calm studio is located at Rebalance Pilates Studio, mere minutes away from the bustling Didsbury high street and Didsbury Village tram stop. The bright, fresh vibes of this Studio allow you to relax and focus in on the body whilst taking yourself on a mindful journey.

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The verdict
This is not like yoga you’ve done before – Swara Slow Flow allows you to take time to focus and listen to your body’s needs, rather than rushing through poses. The hour flew by – and the warm feeling of challenging yourself was definitely felt. For those of you wanting to gain some seriously good vibes, both physically and mentally, look no further than Polly’s classes.

If you’d like to try this Swara Slow class out yourself, simply book here through MagnaPass. MagnaPass is an online platform for finding fitness classes near you.

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