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MagnaPass Ambassador Annabel recently paid a visit to Moonshine Yoga’s Monday night jam, a class that encourages you to unwind and take a moment for yourself early in the week. Check out her review:

I tried out the Monday night Yoga Jam held at the trendy Hope Studio in the Northern Quarter. I’ve walked past this building on Newton Street countless times, but little did I know there were tap, street dancing, yoga classes and more behind these doors.

This was honestly one of my favourite yoga classes, and I’ve tried a few! Not only did I come away feeling more relaxed and stretched after a day of sitting hunched in my office chair, but my mood had improved too. Here are a few reasons why you should try out these classes from Kate at @moonshine_yoga.


All levels are welcome

As Kate said herself, some people will walk into class and it’s “day 1″ of their yoga journey. For others, they might have been practising yoga for years – we’re all at different stages and she recognises that, offering variations to moves to suit your ability. It’s the effort you put in that counts!

Kate is a joy and down to earth

A pet peeve of mine is a yoga teacher who assumes you know the proper yoga terminology or chants for different movement flows – I need it spelt out. Luckily for us, Kate is happy to talk you through them, providing explanations behind it all, but doesn’t force them upon you if you’re not that down with your spiritual side of yoga. On top of that, her light-hearted nature kept us smiling throughout the class.


Different Chakras / themes

Although this was my first class, it was clear to me this class likes to try new ¬†flows and chakras. This helps bring a different focus to each class and allow everyone to develop their experience and abilities. Each movement is guided by Kate with her easy to follow instructions. If you’re not quite getting the movement right or just need to realign your limbs (ahem, me EVERY time!) she’ll help you get it right.

Have you been along to the Monday Night Yoga Jam? What do you think? All abilities are welcome and yoga mats are provided (some with extra motivational messages included) if needed. To find out more details about the class, take a look at the Classes page.

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