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Our Brand Ambassador Alexandra gave our partner High on Yoga a visit last week. She joined in on her Kundalini class in the most beautiful church venue and we’re excited to share her experience with you.

Where? Withington Methodist Church
When? Every Monday @ 7pm
Who? Daria @ High on Yoga 
How? Book Class Here.

“Kundalini yoga is an amazing practice that helps you connect with the essence of yourself. This connection gives you strength and flexibility to deal with every day adversities and lead a peaceful, purposeful and fulfilling life. Once this connection is stablished it enables you to have a great relationship with your mind and body, as well as everyone around you.” – Daria Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

Kundalini yoga doesn’t just push the boundaries of the body much like every other yoga practice, it also incorporates meditation and mantra to really awaken your mind. As a huge advocate for the benefits yoga has on a person’s fitness level, I was intrigued by the other benefits this class promised to deliver. And boy did it deliver!


Throughout the practice I was hardly aware of anyone else in the room. Although the class was full of men and women of all ages and experience levels, Daria made it very easy to disconnect with what was going on around us and concentrate solely on ourselves and the music that was playing.

Almost the entire class was completed with our eyes closed. It began with a few breathing exercises and stretches to help us connect with our body and then we moved on to some more advanced yoga poses which really got our heart rates going. Daria was excellent in encouraging us to push our bodies by helping us understand that the ‘can’t do attitude’ was all in our head and I for one managed to do a lot more than I thought was possible.


The chanting came after this and although I hadn’t done anything like it before, it was quite easy to pick up after a few minutes. The receptiveness helped you concentrate on something other than whatever else you had going on in your head after a busy Monday. By the end, I noticed I hadn’t thought about anything but me, myself and I for the full hour and a half.

We lay for a while to relax even further and I honestly didn’t want to move when the class was over. It was fantastic to feel so content, happy and ready for the best night’s sleep. Thank you for a truly spiritual Kundalini yoga class Daria!

If you’d like to book this Kundalini Yoga Class, simply book here through MagnaPass. MagnaPass is an online platform for finding fitness classes near you.

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