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MagnaPass Ambassador Alexandra visited Missing Link Martial Arts to try out their KICKstart 2018 class. See how she got on in her glowing review…

Goodbye 2017 and boring gym work outs! Hello 2018 and KICKSTARTING the weekend with an awesome Mixed Martial Arts class.

Not only did this class prove to be a fantastic workout (verified the next day by not being able to lift my arms) but I left Church Street that day feeling empowered, educated, and having had so much fun.

There has to be a special mention for Heero,  the class instructor who made the lesson what it was. He was so enthusiastic, and even though I had never been to any of his classes or tried any martial arts before, I really felt involved with everything and that I was learning from the best.

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We started with a warm up to prepare us for each move and then the real fun started.

Partnered up, we were first given instructions on some very simple ways of attacking someone and how best to defend ourselves against these types of attacks. For example the first move was to escape strangulation by going against instinct and focusing on the limbs available such as the face or legs rather than the arms which would be where the power is coming from.Once all of us had this move perfected, we would then keep adding other forms of attack and defences performed first by Heero and his partner for the whole class to see.

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It was fascinating to learn new techniques and we were soon putting all the moves together in some great martial arts and self defence sequences. Heero made everything easy to follow and was always there to make sure you were doing the right thing. I also think he made every single person fall about laughing at some point throughout the class which made for a really entertaining class despite its underlying seriousness.

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After the class I did attend the female-only self defence discussion which focused much more on the facts and reality of women being in a situation where they are forced to attack or defend themselves. It was a subject I hadn’t come across before and although in some parts it was hard to hear these realities, I thought it was a great idea to spread awareness. It was great to talk with a psychologist about the issues faced by many women and we were all made to feel comfortable when discussing sensitive issues.

Overall, I would highly recommend attending one of Heero’s classes at Missing Links. Not only will you be put through your paces with great exercise, but you may even learn how to save a life!

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