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We sent MagnaPass Ambassador and aspiring nutritionist Alexandra Jackson down to Charnock Farm Studios to review their latest talk – all about gut health! Find out how she got on:

What an amazing couple of hours I had at Charnock Farm Studios in Niki’s class the other night!

I had no idea what to expect on my way there as I’d never been to a class like it before, but it was by far my favourite MagnaPass experience during my time as a Brand Ambassador.

The studio room was so lovely and cosy. Walking in you could smell the delicious food cooking on the stove, and looking around it really felt more of a country cottage kitchen than a workshop space. Niki was so welcoming and told us all we could help ourselves to drinks; flavoured waters or herbal teas and the healthy homemade snacks she had out on the table. It wasn’t long before we were all chatting like friends over a brew.

The class was a great mix of old, young, male and female. Vegans, meat-eaters, people with kids, people without. But more interestingly, there were people around the table that had been using Niki’s naturopathic expertise to change their diet and lifestyle to combat health problems and illnesses… with huge success!Between us we had some great knowledge of what a healthy diet should consist of but it was nothing compared to what we would leave the studio knowing later that evening.


Having been studying Nutrition for around 6 months, I thought I would already know a lot about what was going to be covered in the class. But, in all my 6 months I can honestly say I hadn’t learnt as much as I did in them 2 hours. Niki is so knowledgeable! Anything you want to know about what you should be eating and why, she can tell you. Without any of that scientific jargon you won’t understand and all based on FACTS rather than media persuasion.

Throughout the night we enjoyed so many different types of food and drink such as bone broth with quinoa, vegan curries, nutty desserts, turmeric lattes and superfood shots. We were told the benefits of everything we had and it was fantastic to be emailed all the recipes and class notes the next night so we could all start creating our own gut friendly meals at home!

As soon as the recipes came through I went straight to the shops and made the tastiest dinner I’ve had in a long time. I encourage anyone, sceptical about these so called ‘superfoods’ or not, to go along and let Niki educate you on how simple changes to your diet can change your health and your families health forever.

Thanks Alex for your review. You can follow Alex on Twitter or Instagram. If you like the sound of this class, Charnock farm regularly host talks, in addition to their usual schedule of amazing classes. Keep your eyes on their MagnaPass profile for more updates.


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