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MagnaPass ambassador Rachel Maffei headed to Hale Yoga Studio for  Love Ng Yoga’s class Fun Power Yoga. Find out why she felt this class more than lived up to it’s name:

The very moment I stepped into the beautiful intimate Hale Yoga Studio I knew my Saturday morning would be bursting with positive energy.

Fun Power Yoga is a wonderfully inspiring class taught by the most welcoming of leaders, Sophie. The class begun with an offering of warm herbal tea before we started our practice. This immediately created a welcoming atmosphere amongst partakers as we shared this moment of calm.


This class is perfect for all abilities allowing you to flow through a number of stretches, balances and movements at your own level and pace. Sophie is always on hand to correct your posture and alignment to ensure you get the most out of her session. As stated in the title this class is most certainly fun.  Nevertheless, for those seeking a more dynamic approach, towards the end of Fun Power Yoga we focused on a selection of slightly more challenging balances and despite some worrying looks being shared across the studio Sophie encouraged us to give it a good go and truly find our confidence. I have sneakily been practicing this balance at home since I left the class!


To end the session, we relaxed in Shavasana pose having successfully balanced the mind and body and discovered new strengths in our practice. Finally, we all received a relaxing head massage with organic oils which we were given the offer to use again before we left the class.

I would definitely recommend anyone to try Fun Power Yoga, I will certainly be going back!

Discover Sophie’s classes on the MagnaPass timetable.

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