September 25, 2018 Sean Downey

With the new Stripe integration, you can connect your Stripe account to your MagnaPass account to get paid directly within 48 hours rather than waiting until the end of the month! Here’s how it works: 1) Head to your MagnaPass Dashboard by logging in and selecting it from the dropdown menu in the top-right corner. 2) Go to the ‘My Account’ section in the grey navigation bar and then select the ‘Payments’ tab. 3) Use the ‘Connect Stripe’ button and use your Stripe account login details (sometimes the ‘Sign In’ option is in small text in the top right of the…

March 12, 2018 Will Whyler

Now that MagnaPass Pro is out there in the wild, we thought we’d put together our top tips to use it’s new features to help connect with your customers and give them the best experience possible. (more…)