June 20, 2017 Jessica Tsang

Sports injuries are injuries that occur in athletic activities or exercising. Sports Injuries can be debilitating and can set you back from your training goals. It’s essential to seek the right medical advice for prevention if you suspect your suffering from injury or trauma. (more…)

June 6, 2017 Jessica Tsang

With summer fast approaching in Manchester, there’s no doubt many people will be looking to get ‘bikini body’ ready for holiday. This might result in signing up or unfreezing that gym membership and spending hours in a packed gym to reach the short term goal. According to the the Fitness Industry Association, 12% of people who sign up to the gym, most will have quit or stop going after 24 weeks. (more…)

May 24, 2017 Jessica Tsang

Even the most positive, motivated and driven people will have days where they will struggle to stay inspired. Sometimes we just need something to pick us up or someone to tell us what to do, even when deep down we know it ourselves. So, if you are feeling sluggish or just having “one of those days” then here are ways to stay inspired. (more…)

May 22, 2017 Jessica Tsang

Anyone who knows me well, I am willing to try out all sorts when it comes to sports and fitness. In the past year, I have gone to many classes that have opened my eyes to the health and wellbeing world, and it just keeps on growing. Running will always be my number one, but I have learnt that any strength and conditioning that can be applied to my training plan will only promote my fitness state. So the journey continues… (more…)

May 10, 2017 Jessica Tsang

Yoga is healing to the body and soul no matter what time you do your practice, but yoga first thing in the morning can really set your day right. Now, not to say you have to do yoga only in the morning – if you practice yoga any other time of the day, that’s okay too. Here’s 5 reasons to practice yoga early in the morning. (more…)

May 2, 2017 Jessica Tsang 2Comment

We had an extra cosy bank holiday weekend, thanks to our yoga partners at MagnaPass and a very dreamy space. On Sunday, we had our Yoga in the City event which turned out exactly how we envisioned from the moment we started planning it. (more…)