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Our first new Brand Ambassador is Kyle Walker, you might recognise his face from City TV and many of their live events! We love Kyle’s enthusiasm for sport and we’re super happy to have him represent MagnaPass. You’ll be seeing a lot more of him as he will be helping us create more awesome video content.

Kyle, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Hi, my names Kyle Walker (unfortunately not the footballer…) and i’m an actor and presenter from Manchester! Just like the footballer though, i do work for Manchester City and get to do some really cool things for them on CityTV and on their live events such as City Square or the City Family Day.

What does health and fitness mean to you?

For me health and fitness is all about working hard and feeling great. Each workout is a chance for me to focus on getting better, challenging myself and getting away from what can be a quite hectic work schedule! I absolutely LOVE the work i do but at times it can be long days and travelling for job to job (life of the self – employed!!) but being active is weirdly how i like to relax.
DSC_0044 (1)


How did you find out about MagnaPass? 
I first came across MagnaPass earlier this year and attended their Urban Retreat event. Meeting and working out with other like minded people/ fitness professionals was brilliant and the reason i made sure i kept in touch.


Why did you want to become a Brand Ambassador for MagnaPass?
When i had the opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador i had to join because they share the same values when it comes to health and fitness. Whilst keeping active and pushing yourself is great, so is being happy and healthy both physically and mentally, so i really believe that you should try to challenge yourself but always keep a smile on your face (even on that last round of Burpees).


If you want an insight into things Kyle does, classes he goes to and how he manages to fit them in to a busy schedule then he can be found on both Twitter and Instagram.


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