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Our first ever brand ambassador, blogger & keen runner Emma Joy has been a big MagnaPass fan for a while – and we’re huge fans of her! We’re very proud to have such an inspirational athlete as part of our team. Let’s learn a bit more about her shall we?

Hi Emma! How do you stay motivated?

I like looking back on where I was where I started and then take stock of the progress I’ve made. I use social media to keep track of what I’ve done in the past and set goals for the future. I also follow a lot of people on Instagram to follow their stories – seeing their progress helps me to maintain my momentum and do my own thing.

What gets you out of bed in the morning for those difficult early workouts?

What motivates me in the morning is just knowing how I’m going to feel after I work out.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever run without stopping?

Probably one of my half marathons – even if it meant going a bit slower I was really proud to just keep going and push through without stopping. As soon as you stop, your legs go and that’s it, so you might as well keep going!

If you had the opportunity to do so, would you like to compete in the Olympics?

If I felt I was good enough for sure – who wouldn’t!? I’ve got a long way to go to get to that point first though.

What kind of fitness would you love to try but haven’t gotten round to yet?

I’d say open water swimming is next on the list. I do like swimming but I’ve never done it in open water. I can imagine it’s quite different and difficult – but the challenge makes it something I definitely want to try! Especially because I want to do a triathlon one day…

Final question – where is your ‘happy place’?

Well it’s obviously anywhere I’m running. I’m totally addicted to running – I like to think I’m more creative on my runs because I get the time to think and be on my own to sort through my thoughts. Running gives you an amazing opportunity to really get lost in your thoughts and mull things over so that you cross the finish line with a really clear mind.

You can learn more about Emma from her recent episode of MagnaPass Meets below!

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