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Say hello to Alexandra, our lovely Brand Ambassador who is a huge fitness fanatic! She enjoys trying new things, has a creative eye and enjoys photography! Expect to see plenty of guest posts and studio reviews from her. We’re so excited for her to try some new activities and classes around Manchester!

Alex, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Hi, my name is Alexandra, currently 26 years old. I have always been into health and fitness ever since I was little, when my dad used to make me attend classes to ‘burn off some of my extra energy’. Thanks to him, I am a black belt in karate, a champion horse rider, an award winning dancer, a great goal keeper, a very strong swimmer and all round fitness fanatic.

What does health and fitness mean to you?

Although adult life makes it hard to carry on these successes, I still try to fit in as much exercise as my full time job allows me. An active lifestyle completely balanced out by my love of food (mainly chocolate, which I have never gone a day without)! And when you know that 1 chocolate digestive takes a whole 15 minutes of cycling to burn off, you kind of HAVE to up your exercise game.

How did you find out about MagnaPass? 

I discovered Magna Pass when researching new classes in Manchester, having excused myself from the gym all week because I was fed up of the same routine. In the past I have been known to book spontaneous trips and practice yoga in different places around the world (there’s something about being on a beach in Fiji that makes everything, even exercise, a lot better), but most of the time I can’t just pack my bags and leave, so finding something new and exciting closer to home was important to me.

Why did you want to become a Brand Ambassador for MagnaPass?

MagnaPass opened my eyes to so many new and interesting classes that I would never have known about, and becoming an ambassador means I can not only share my love of exercise, but encourage more people to get active by doing something completely different, and most importantly fun!

Follow Alexandra and keep up to date with her on Facebook @Alexandra Jackson and Instagram: @ally91xo

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