February 12, 2018 Will Whyler 0Comment

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve rounded up some of the best classes to try with your partner. Remember – couples who gym together, win together!

Yoga & Prosecco – Let’s Get Fizzy-cal.

What could be more romantic than going to a class and finishing with a glass of fizz? If you’re fitness mad and always trying to bring your partner along with you, this class might be the class to convince them to join you! Book it on our timetable here.

Fera – Unleash your wild side.


What’s the point of being in a relationship if you can’t have some good old silly fun together? Channel your wild side with an animal movement session with Fera. Set to candle light and using animal movement, you will be guided and encouraged to explore the different ways your body can move. Grab a ticketĀ here.

Charnock Farm Studios – Charnock & Chill


Escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday lives with an hour of pure relaxing bliss at Charnock Farm Studios. You’ll find a variety of classes perfect to destress and spend some quality time with your partner. Your ticket to relaxation can be foundĀ here.

Deft Motion – Get Lifting, Get lucky

They say that your relationship should always be growing. Of course they usually they aren’t referring to gym gains, but this is MagnaPass. Head down to great new gym Deft Motion for lifting, conditioning and coaching. Did we mention that exercise can be an aphrodisiac? What are you waiting for – get tickets here.

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