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Last weekend we were joined by the fabulous Nicole Evans from Breakfast Barre and Catherine Banks from Elestial Therapy at Rebalance Studio in Didsbury for fantastic morning of Barre and Meditation!

Barre is one of the hottest up and coming fitness trends, with celebrity fans ranging from Zooey Dechanel, Dakota Fanning, and Natalia Portman. Combining elements of ballet, yoga, and pilates, barre classes are a fantastic all round workout. The various postures and movements do a great job of targeting muscles that you may not normally use and toning them right up.

The MagnaPass team hadn’t tried barre before, so we put together another MagnaPass Experience we could try it out with all of our members. Of course, after a great workout it’s always a good idea to unwind so we organised the class to be followed by an hour of meditation. Read on to see how it went (and some less than graceful pictures)!

The class began with a simple warmup featuring lots of stretching to get us nice and supple for the main event. Nicole led us through some very basic ballet moves at the bar before stringing them together into sequences. Eventually she had us doing almost mini routines in sets that really challenged your core, legs, and bum. In the very best way – we were feeling this class for days afterwards!


Once we were a bit more confident with the moves, Nicole really put us through our paces and began to get us doing more and more difficult moves. Thanks to her excellent guidance we all got there in the end and got a really good workout in. Everyone was surprised at how tired and sweaty they were at the end of the session, but we were all definitely appreciative to have had such an excellent first experience with barre.

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After all of that, meditation was more than welcome. Catherine even brought cushions and blankets to turn the studio into a perfect cosy meditation space – it almost felt like we were on a retreat! Through three different meditations Catherine taught us to focus on our breathing and bodies, unwinding from the workout and release any stress or negative thoughts.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-24 at 14.34.40Getting to grips with barre and meditation on the same day could’ve been a lot to handle, but Nicole and Catherine made everything so effortless that everyone walked away feeling fantastic! Thanks again to everyone who came along, and we’ll see you at the next MagnaPass Experience!

You can find Catherine’s meditation classes on the MagnaPass timetable now.

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