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Marley Hague is a trained yoga instructor based in Manchester, UK. Having discovered a passion and love for yoga during a difficult time, her aim is to share the benefits of yoga and spread love to those who practice it with her. Marley represents Vida Yoga, hosting several yoga classes across Manchester. Her class style is usually more Vinyasa-led but are suitable to all levels.


Yoga literally translates as ‘union.’ When we practice yoga we are aiming for union of mind, body, breath, and (if you believe) soul.

For me personally yoga is such an important part of my life.  It’s my passion, my escape, my safe place.  When I get on my mat to practice nothing else matters – just me, my body and my breath.

As I’ve developed as a practitioner and a teacher I’ve come to realize that yoga extends beyond that mat and should be in integral part of how you live your life day to day – it’s about how you show up as a person, being present, kind and doing things from a place of love.



For most people starting out with their yoga practice it’s usually about flexibility and getting a good stretch.  That is one of the great things about having a regular yoga practice, but there’s so much more!  For me my practice is like an onion – made up of so many layers that keep unpeeling each time I step on my mat.

Along with the stretch, your practice should give you some ‘you’ time, so stillness and peace from every day madness – how often do we take 60 minutes of totally uninterrupted time just to focus on ourselves? Over time if you approach your practice this way you will see such a difference in your stress levels and general approach to things.  Most classes will involve some form of meditation, my advice would be to:

” Make the most of that time to sit in stillness and just be present.”

For me personally yoga helped me through a very dark time in my personal life, I truly believe it gave me the strength to get through what I was dealing with.  When you start to open up your body (and your mind of course) you become a stronger version of yourself, you have courage, a different outlook on life – you know you can do anything!

Even if all of the spiritual stuff really isn’t your thing – going to yoga allows you to move your body in a functional way – in a well-planned class you should be moving your body through extension, flexion, rotation, and lateral flexion.  It will help to build strength in your muscles and joints whilst giving you the mobility to avoid injury.  There’s really nothing better than getting the blood flowing!

It’s also FUN – whether it’s a new arm balance or a scary inversion you’ll push yourself to new limits and achieve things you didn’t think you could, you’ll meet new likeminded people, a chance to make new friends.  Nearly every yoga studio will have a strong community feel.


1) Hot Flow – every Monday 7:30pm at Hot Yoganic

2) Vida Vinyasa – every Thursday 7:00pm at Gym&Juice.

3) Yoga & Juice – every Sunday 10:30am at Foundation Coffee



1. Vinyasa Flow @ Rock Over Climbing centre with Yoga Lila

Em is a fantastic teacher, you always leave her class on a high.  Be prepared to work your body and have some fun with arm balances.

2.Yin before Gin @ The Wonder Inn with Cariad Yoga

I love taking Erian’s classes she’s just an amazing teacher – and you can guarantee the class will be set to a soothing cool reggae sound track which I adore.  And come on who doesn’t like a G&T?

3. Hot vinyasa and yin @ Hot Yoganic with Zoe

Zoe was my very first regular yoga teacher and really inspired me to go and do my training.  She continues to inspire me every time I practice with her.  I love how creative she gets with her flows and makes sure there’s something for all abilities in the room.

4. Mirallegro Yoga

Claudia is just a yoga babe – her classes are always varied and challenging and she has a kick ass playlist too.  You can catch her every other Sunday at Hot Yoganic.

5. Bendy Buddha

Paris has the best yoga voice ever! When I practice with her she sends me in to a trance it’s amazing.  Her signature Bendy Buddha Burn class is challenging but fun and definitely a work out.  She teaches from Yoga Euphoria in Southport.

6. India Hewitt

I love the way India teaches, her flows always leave me balanced and relax. You can catch her regular classes at the Life centre North.


Twitter: @vida__yoga

Facebook: @vidayoga123

Instagram: @vida__yoga 

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