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As we all should know, perfection is extremely difficult to attain, and there are always room for improvements, whether it’s with business, at home, with relationships – we can always strive to be better. So, in terms of your business, where could the improvements come from? Hopefully there are some hidden gems in here for your fitness business.

1) Create and Improve your Culture
Practice what you preach, have a mantra to live by. For yourself, health and fitness is a lifestyle passion. Portray your own message and story to others and clients will stay with you for the long run. Culture is also reflected with your own personality – a happy business culture reflects well with clients and can be extremely

2) Get clients involved with your brand
Create an initiative that your business represents. This could be in the form of competitions, working alongside charities for one-off events, a great hashtag for online commitment or even a cool piece of artwork that your clients can take pictures of – always try to engage your clients. Also, collaborating with a company in the same industry (for example, a healthy foods company) and offering your clients a referral discount is an excellent way to keep clients happy and on track with their goals.

3) Continually ask questions
What do your clients want? Be honest and open with them, and take any criticism as a learning curve for you and your business. This can even go down to how you train your client and making programmes that are effective for your clients. The more you learn from your clients, the better service you can provide, and you will keep them happy on a long term basis.


4) Keep in contact regularly
In our digital era of extended communication, you are able to post the great results of your clients online for others to see. Social media is also a reflection of your culture and personality, shine in this format the same as you would internally within your company. Also, let your clients know of any special offers you’re running, or updates of new classes via emails and Facebook – always keep things interesting and up to date.

5) Keep everything meticulously clean!
Ok, this one is a given. But it can be really off-putting if there are sweat patches left on equipment, or liquid chalk all over the place. Remember, this is all part of keeping your clients happy and operating within the mantra of your culture. Plus its hygienic… Hire a part-time cleaner at the end of the week to go over any parts of your gym that you may have missed.

6) Continually learn and offer new services to clients
The health and fitness industry is rapidly expanding and becoming more innovative. Staying on top of your game can really be beneficial to your business. Old school ways of keeping healthy are slowly drifting away into a new, digital era. Keep things simple, and offer the skills you learn to your clients. You also need to be reading popular publications both online and offline. They’re constantly reporting on new trends in fitness, exercise and nutrition, and it’s not uncommon for their credibility to be questionable. When your clients are exposed to misinformation, they’ll likely look to you to confirm or refute what they’ve learned.

7) Stay Flexible with your clients
Personal training and health and fitness is one of the most personal of businesses to go into (hence the name) because you’re dealing with people one-on-one. Sometimes things come up and you need to stay flexible; if you’re bending a policy for a client, let them know. In the long run, they will appreciate your time as much as you appreciate theirs, and the relationship will flourish.

8) Assign your clients homework
Whether this be simple stretching or a simple exercise routine, or even something that improves their biomechanics that will improve their technique when training with you. This effectively makes your sessions last longer, and improves your relationship with your client on a long term basis.

9) Maintain your client base, and don’t throw away contacts
Make sure you effectively keep any relationship with clients you have had in the past; they could always need help in the future. As well as your continual learning and development of skills you build up, this can then relate to what they need.

We always strive to help improve independent fitness businesses; whether it’s getting them off the ground or helping with small tweaks – find out more about MagnaPass here.

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