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After years of studying and working in marketing, I’m calling out 7 rookie errors I see all the time and letting you know how to fix them- no prior expertise required.

1. Not Having Any Social Media


This one should be obvious – it’s 2018, people are more hooked on social media than ever before. For the very few people that aren’t using social media regularly to promote their services, or to connect with clients you really need to just hop on board and do it. Ask your clients which social media platforms they use (probably Facebook, twitter, and Instagram) and then start using those. There’s no need to try and run 7 accounts on different platforms at once – just pick a couple and do them really well.

2. Not Investing In Marketing


It can seem counter intuitive and intimidating if your skills are focussed on fitness, but you really need to be investing a good chunk of time (and probably a bit of money) on some marketing. Whether it’s organising a small mailing list for your customers, writing a blog using your skills to explain a technique, or simply keeping your social media followers updated – just put yourself out there so you stick in peoples minds.

If you want to go one step further, paid advertising on social media can actually be very cheap and very effective as it allows you to target potential clients based on certain characteristics. It’s a short term outlay of time and money that could pay off big time in the long run as you see your client base build up.

3. Samey Classes

Fitness 'sanctuary' for families

While there are obviously a million different ways to workout, and every professional has their own teaching methods, it can sometimes be hard to get that across in the first session. To be able to retain customers and turn them into loyal followers, make sure you classes stand out from the crowd.

Let’s be honest – if you’re new to yoga, every class can look the same. Why not try incorporating a twist into your classes like offering them a complimentary refreshment, moves from a different style of fitness (think yoga with boxing moves), or even just make them work that bit harder in your class. Whatever it takes to stand out, you need to be chasing. We recently put together a selection of the most fun classes around, so take a peek for inspiration!

4. Poor Service


Here at MagnaPass we go to a lot of classes. And I mean a lot. We try and visit as many of our partners as possible, so with hundreds of classes on our timetable we’ve seen our fair share of fitness classes. Most of them are memorable for being fantastic (and sweaty!) experiences.

However, sometimes they’re memorable for the wrong reason – the poor service of whoever is leading the session. Now, poor service comes in many forms. It could be that the environment was messy, or that we didn’t feel supported throughout the class – the odd occasion we’ve had people who’ve been just rude. All of these experiences made us never go back to those classes. Remember, first impressions count.

So let’s get you started on some ideas on how to brush up on your service:

  • Are you always polite?
  • Do you support your clients?
  • Do you consider their needs?
  • Is your space clean and tidy?
  • Do you make an effort to remember repeat customers and introduce yourself to new ones?

5. Not Sharing Your Talents With A Big Enough Audience.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 11.39.12

Being humble is a virtue. But if you want to help clients find you – you should be shouting how great you are from the rooftops! Whether it’s posting a clear & regularly updated timetable online, listing the services you offer on your website, or just giving people a way to get in contact with you; open up to the world and show us what you’ve got.

A really simple way to started in this is to list your classes on the MagnaPass timetable, where loads of people can browse through them any time, any day. Even better – if they like what they see they can book on immediately. How easy was that?

6. Sloppy Presentation.


For very visually minded people like myself, this is the ultimate pet peeve. Be it spelling errors, blurry photos, or WordArt level graphics, the internet is littered with well meaning people sabotaging their own effort with sloppy presentation. To customers, these unprofessional errors read like warning signs that your services are not up to standard and you’re to be avoided.

Perhaps the most frustrating part is that these are all easy to fix. Learning how to take a half decent photo with a smartphone isn’t difficult, neither is proof reading something before you post it. In the end, the extra effort will pay off when the public face of your business looks as slick as your classes.

7. Poorly Timed Classes


Last but not least – a surprisingly common mistake that we see new fitness pros making all the time. That is, organising classes at times when their clients aren’t available. Once you point out that their Monday 10am boxercise class might not be the most appealing to your average person.

During the week, most people are working 9-5 with a lunch break in between. So try and schedule your classes to be before work, during the lunch break, or after everyone has clocked off. The weekends are a little different since most people are free all day. At the weekend, late morning classes are popular as people don’t want to give up their lie-in, but also don’t want to have their whole day revolve around an awkward 3pm yoga class.

But what about all that dead time in between peak hours? Why not use it to offer personal training sessions for the people are are around, work on promoting your business, or even learning a new skill to use in class? The possibilities are endless.

So there you have it – 7 quick points for you to think about in your business. Hopefully you weren’t doing many of them! If you want support getting your business out there, have a professional online presence, and a swish payment system that’s easy for your customers to use – why not give MagnaPass Pro a try? Everyone gets to try it out for 30 day totally free, so what have you got to lose?

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