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Working on your own or as part of a small business, it can be difficult to find the time to properly invest in marketing. Use these 5 tools to give your efforts that professional look.

1. Analytics – Know Your Audience


Understanding who your customer is and what they want from you is the foundation of all marketing. If you’re already using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, then you already have access to their built in analytics tools which can give you insights into things like the age and gender of your customers, their interests, and what kind of content they enjoy seeing from you. You can find these by going to the setting part of your page! There are more advanced tools which allow you to dive even deeper into the data – but the inbuilt ones should get you started!

2. Surveys – Straight From The Horses Mouth


Another great way to understand you customer is to get feedback in their own words. You will get no better picture of your customers than if you just let them tell you. We’ve used surveys in the past to get feedback on future updates to MagnaPass, what events we should be running, and just generally how customers feel we’re doing.

You can build, really easy surveys with various free online tools such as Survey Monkey and send them out to customers as a link in an email, on social media, or anywhere else you connect with customers. Survey monkey will even help you analyse the results. Encourage them to take part by offering participants a small prize like free classes or an item relevant to your business for maximum impact.

3. Mail Chimp – Simple. Slick. Effective.


If you aren’t already using email to connect with customers, you should be. It’s a great opportunity to get in front of them every single day with more detailed content and messages that can’t fit into just a social post. It also allows you to build up another audience thats usually more receptive than just social media followers. Using a tool like Mailchimp makes producing beautiful emails easy – add pictures, links, video, even gifs to make your emails more exciting to read! If you receive the MagnaPass email – we’ve made it in Mailchimp.

4. Buffer – Stay Ahead Of The Social Game


Not everyone is inclined to be on social media all the time, making posts or adding pictures. That’s OK. For those people scheduling lots of social content all at once may be a better solution. Buffer allows you to create posts ahead of time and decide when they will be published on your social media including Twitter, Facebook, LinedIn, Instagram, and more.

We like using Buffer because it allows you to get ahead of the curve with your social posts and focus your time on other tasks! In marketing, the job is never done.

5. Canva – Make Your Business Beautiful


If there was one tool I’d recommend to the average personal unsure about digital marketing, it would be Canva. This online tool allows your to create amazing images to share anywhere you’d like. Using their huge selection of gorgeous templates, you can create a beautiful post in seconds that looks just as good as any competitor.

You can add your own images for a personal touch as well. Canva is so well designed and simple to use that literally anyone can be a pro graphic designer in minutes. We even made the cover photo for this post in Canva!

So there’s the top 5 tools we’d recommend to people looking to level up their marketing. We’ve used all of them at some point in time, so they come with the MagnaPass seal of approval. We looks forwards to seeing what you can do with all of these tools at your fingertips for the future!

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