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Now that MagnaPass Pro is out there in the wild, we thought we’d put together our top tips to use it’s new features to help connect with your customers and give them the best experience possible.

1) Be Flexible!

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With new features like One-On-Ones, you can now offer your customers the opportunity to work with you on a more flexible basis. Almost everyone we’ve spoken to whether they’re the client or the teacher has expressed that they prefer one to one sessions as the offer the highest level of quality and convenience.

People are busier than ever – give yourself the edge and let your customers make your of your skills when they’re ready.

2) Take Customers On A Journey

As great as going to a fitness class is on it’s own – everyone can agree that going consistently to improve your skill and fitness with an activity is even better. Sell classes in packages and take your customers on a journey to achieve their fitness goals! If you’ve got something more ambitious in mind like an 8 week course for instance, this is the perfect way to deliver that.

Selling packages can also improve attendance and dedication for the student. You might want to think about rewarding this dedication with a small discount if they buy your classes in bulk!

3) Variety Is The Spice of Life

It's easier than ever to clearly see what classes you are runnign soon, allowing you to plan your time effectively.
It’s easier than ever to clearly see what classes you are runnign soon, allowing you to plan your time effectively.

If you’ve got a whole host of sessions that you run, make sure they’re all on your timetable. People tend to be loyal to studios they’ve visited before so make sure you give them the most opportunity to visit you as possible! Similarly, if you’re doing something new, make sure you update the timetable! There’s nothing that turns off potential clients quicker than finding out their class was cancelled or changed time.

4) Be Crystal Clear

You’ve probably never bought something without understanding what it is you’re getting. Yet we often see classes with vague or even no descriptions. Why should a customer book onto your class if they don’t know how long it lasts, where it is, what kind of activity they’ll be doing? Your description should cover all of this.

Other important information includes whether they need to bring anything like a yoga mat, if there’s parking/changing facilities, and if there’s a door code to get in the building. The clearer you can be, the more confident people will be in booking your class.

5) Seeing Is Believing


They say a picture tells a thousand words – and never is it more true than when deciding what to spend your hard earned money and time on. Don’t let your classes go overlooked because you haven’t paired them with good pictures. When we talk about “good pictures” we mean:

  • Clear, well lit, and in focus.
  • Are pictures of the exact class you’re offering.
  • Feature clean spaces free of clutter or distracting background objects.
  • People in the photos should be enjoying themselves and working hard – no one looking desperate to leave your class please!

These might sound like common sense, but we see all too many photos which fail on at least one of these fronts.


These simple tips are just some ideas to help you help yourself. They aren’t difficult or complicated but we’ve found that implementing them can make a big difference to the amount of bookings you’re getting. Let your customers get to know you better and reap the rewards!

Learn more about MagnaPass Pro and start your free month trial here.

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