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Your body can get used a workout with just 8 weeks! Make sure you’re getting the most out of your fitness by switching it up regularly, there’s lots of benefits…

It’s More Fun

Sometimes the best reason to try something new is just because it’s more fun. Doing the same workout week in, week out can get samey very quickly and leave you finding fitness in general a bit boring. This is the exact scenario where people disengage and lose motivation, giving up on those hard won gains. So try something new in your workout and stay engage, for both your body and your mind.


It Works Out Different Muscle Groups

The plateau effect is real. Anyone who takes their training seriously should be constantly tweaking their workouts so that their body doesn’t get too used to the same exercises and start to slow down progress. New workouts will challenge different muscle groups in challenging fresh ways, so get out of your comfort zone – as they say, no pain no gain.

‘Fitness’ Isn’t Just One Thing

There are hundreds of teachers on the MagnaPass timetable, and I bet every single one of them would give you a different definition of ‘fitness’ if you asked them. That’s because there is no one true measure of fitness, so there’s always something you can improve on. We’ve seen elite runners with no strength, yogis with no stamina, and bodybuilders with no flexibility. If you want to be fit in the most wide ranging way possible, consider doing various different styles of workout.

It Gives You Time To Recover

One slightly counterintuitive aspect of fitness is that working out more doesn’t always equal better results. Giving a body part the rest it needs after workouts is crucial to improving future performance. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work out different parts of your body on different (consecutive) days. Do a big arm workout yesterday? You can still go for a run today. Or do something low impact like yoga. Keep the fitness flowing without needing to stop and start.


More Well Rounded Fitness Everyday

As we’ve said, ‘fitness’ isn’t just one thing. It’s difficult to define. One good measure of fitness however might be how easy you find tasks in your day to day life, such as going up the stairs, carrying your groceries, and how far you can walk without getting tired. If you’re doing a variety of different workouts through the week you’ll quickly find these daily tasks that little bit easier. Surely making life simpler is one of the biggest rewards of fitness – so get on it!

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