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Pole dancing (a combination of dance and acrobatics on a veritcal pole) has become increasingly popular and more people have started to recognise pole fitness for what it is; a fun, exciting and a challenging full body workout. The ability to follow a dance routine whilst supporting yourself on a pole may seem like daunting task for many beginners but, with a good instructor and consistent practice pole fitness can be a highly beneficial workout for people of all abilities, ages, shapes and sizes!

Earlier last week, a few of us at MagnaPass decided to give a pole fitness class a try, and  although we were nervous we ended up loving it! So, if any of you have bene considering giving a pole class a try here are 5 reasons why should jump on board this fitness trend right now!

1) It will increase your strength. 

Pole fitness requires you to engage multiple sets of muscle groups, the moves will get you to engage your core, upper body, arms and shoulders. After around 8 weeks of doing this can guarantee to see an improvement in your overall strength and stamina. Plus your arms, legs, tummy and bum will feel tighter and become more toned, which is defiantly something we wouldn’t say no too!

2) It will help aid weight loss. 

You can burn anywhere from 300-500 calories (maybe even more) in just one pole fitness class. A lot of people don’t realise that cardiovascular activity is a key element of a pole fitness class, the dance routines can be quite exhausting. Pole fitness is a fun way to get in your cardio but at the same time be toning areas of your body that can be hard to target by yourself at the gym.

3) Your flexibility will increase dramatically. 

Pole dancing looks easier than it is, the instructors effortlessly move from positions to position but it’s definitely something that will take more than one practice to get perfected!  Many of the moves you will learn to perform throughout your pole fitness classes will require you body to stretch and bend in extraordinary ways, you can expect to do things such as leg extensions, aerial splits, back bends etc. Having such well stretched muscles will help prevent injuries, back pain and balance problems.

4) It doesn’t feel like exercise! 

Running on a treadmill for an hour is enough to put most people off the gym. Often people find that their workout routine gets boring fast, but with pole fitness you are unlikely to ever get bored. Each session you will be learning new moves and focusing on improving, combine that with a fun environment and close knit group of people, you won’t even realise you have done an hours exercise class until you wake up sore the next morning.

5) You will feel more confident and empowered. 

Once you have the basics down you will be surprised by how quickly you progress, you will find yourself getting more and more confident as the lessons go by. If you combine that with your new strong and toned body, we would be surprised if you weren’t confident in your new found abilities! The classes also offer a great community of people who will soon become your friends and offer you support throughout your pole fitness journey.

If you are interested in trying a pole fitness class we have a range of classes available for you to try on our timetable and they cater to a range of skills and abilities! Our partner GFF Damian Dance Studio offers many classes for beginners to challengers.

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