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Are you looking for a new workout that will tone your body and strengthen your muscles? Then it’s time to hit the bar (nope – not that kind!).

Barre workouts have been growing in popularity in 2017. Put simply it’s a workout based on ballet, but also combining some elements from other types of dance. You may find yourself doing familiar yoga, dance, or pilates moves but with a barre workout, you will gain tons of excellent benefits.


Here’s 5 reasons why you should try a barre workout in 2017:

1. No experience required.

You don’t need to be an experienced ballet dancer, super flexible or particularly graceful to do barre. Barre is suited for all fitness levels, so if you’re new to barre – your instructor can provide beginner modifications to suit your abilities. On the other hand, if you’re a barre enthusiast – your instructor can provide you with more challenging moves. During a barre workout, the moves are taught slowly and each move is going to be done for quite a few times before moving onto the next. Just follow your instructor as best as you can!

2. Low Impact.

Barre movements are easy on your body and are designed to focus on specific muscles rather than putting stress on the more sensitive areas of your body, like your knees or back. There are also modifications by your instructor if you suffer from an injury. Even pregnant women can do barre classes because they are so low impact.

3. Lengthens Muscles.

Whilst yoga and pilates are great ways to increase flexibility, barre’s lengthening sequences make it great for someone who wants to tone up and improve their range of motion. A barre workout is proven not only to tone your muscles but also lengthen them and increase flexibility. While your muscles will be engaged throughout the class, you will also get breaks inbetween, allowing your body to recover and stretching your muscles to elongate them so they don’t become bulky.

4. Improved Posture.

Barre workouts engage the core and encourage an improved posture and fluidity. Barre’s targeted movements strengthen muscle groups that bring your posture into better alignment – helping you naturally look taller and move more gracefully.

5. Great for the Joints.

Another great benefit to barre workouts is that it’s easy on the joints. We’re not going to lie, you will definitely feel the burn while you’re toning your muscles however the workout isn’t difficult for your joints. While the movements are subtle and help to strengthen your body, it doesn’t put too much pressure on the joints, tendons, and ligaments of your body.


That concludes five of our reasons to try a barre workout. As we’ve said – there are plenty of benefits to trying barre; it’s definitely a fun workout and a great way to embrace your inner ballerina . If  you would like to try out a barre class then our partners Bbodysmart offer barre classes in Manchester throughout the week. See their classes here.

This summer, we’re also bringing you a Barre and Meditation experience at the dreamy Rebalance Studios in Didsbury. We’ve partnered up with our partners Nicole Evans and Elestial Therapy to bring you a fast paced, and high energy class. The class is £10, see more here

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