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Yoga is healing to the body and soul no matter what time you do your practice, but yoga first thing in the morning can really set your day right. Now, not to say you have to do yoga only in the morning – if you practice yoga any other time of the day, that’s okay too. Here’s 5 reasons to practice yoga early in the morning.

1. Better sleeping habits

When doing yoga becomes a part of your morning routine, you are going to look forward to bedtime so much more. Pressing that snooze button in the morning may be tempting, but when you know the night before to get a good nights sleep in before a refreshing practice, you will think twice about your sleeping habits.

2. Sets your day right

I don’t know about anyone else but my mind is always at peace and in a state of calmness after practising yoga. Doing yoga in the morning can help you go about the rest of your day in a calm manner. You will feel more positive as you take the time in the morning to do small things that can make a big difference. Take a look at our previous post great ways to kick start your morning.

3. Boost your metabolism

Practicing yoga early in the morning will warm up your digestive system and help nutrients move more easily through the body. Practicing yoga moves first thing can awaken our bellies also helps with easing any morning aches and pains you my have.

4. It encourages health all day

When you do yoga in the morning, you’re more likely to maintain healthy choices for the rest of the day. You will be more tuned and connected with your body and mind. For example, doing yoga first thing in the morning, starting your day right means you’re more likely to have better eating habits, sleep early etc.

This is the same for when you do complete a workout, you often choose to make healthy decisions to avoid undoing the hard work you put in.

5. A great caffeine alternative

The breathing done during your morning yoga practice stimulates your entire body and mind.  All of that fresh oxygen helps wake up the brain, and it can feel like a jolt of caffeine; yet unlike coffee or tea, the energy boost you feel from deep breathing lasts all day long! Yep, that’s crazy right?!

That’s all! If you’re looking to start practicing yoga in the early morning, our partner Vida Yoga currently teaches sunrise yoga at Old Granada Studios every Thursday. See more here. Alternatively, you can look online for yoga videos which can be useful to practice in your living room or garden. All you need is to wear something comfy and a yoga mat.


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