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We’ve rounded up 5 of our favourite festive treats for you to try out at home this Christmas. Includes veggie and vegan options! 

For most people, food is as closely linked to Christmas as presents, reindeer, and carols. A lot of Christmas food tends be very rich, very sweet, and ultimately not very good for you. Add in the massive portions you seem to get, then multiply that by all the Christmas parties you’re going to. It’s no surprise that most people gain a little winter weight over the holiday season.

It doesn’t have to be that way however; there’s plenty of people out there who’ve created ways for you to get your festive fix – without the potential guilt of having one too many mince pies. Here’s our pick of our 5 favourite Christmas recipes that’ll be sure to hit the spot this winter:

Mini Gingerbread, Caramel, & Chocolate Cups by SpamellaB


We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Spamella a few times and she always mentions she’s working on something exciting. Creating something healthy, tasty, and beautiful is a tough balance to strike but Spamella smashes it every single time. Just a quick browse of her blog is enough to leave us suddenly hungry. These raw cups are a perfect idea for a party, Christmas buffet, or after dinner treat.

Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix by Oh She Glows


Someone once told me that the holiday season officially starts with the arrival of pumpkin spiced treats at the various coffee chains. With that in mind, here’s a vegan recipe to create your own spice mix so you can prepare all sorts of warmly spiced food and drink at home –  saving you some cash in the meantime too. Christmas presents aren’t cheap!

Mince Pie Porridge by Healthy Jon

We’re going to be bold and declare Healthy Jon the king of breakfast. If we’ve learnt anything about him from his Instagram feed, it’s that this is a man who knows his porridge. So who better to turn to looking for some festive inspiration for the most important meal of the day? Finally your dream of having mince pies for breakfast every day can come true with his Mince Pie Porridge recipe.

Ultimate Vegan Christmas Pudding by The Veg Space


Without a doubt one of the most iconic Christmas foods, it can be frustrating to have to pass on this tasty treat since most Christmas puddings are not vegan due to the use of suet when preparing it. But never fear – The Veg Space are here to help with their own take on Christmas pudding which looks and tastes frankly indistinguishable from the original. Who said being vegan meat giving up life’s little pleasures?

Christmas Fruit Crown by Veggie Runners


If like us you find yourself catching the baking bug around Christmas this is the perfect recipe to put all of the ingredients you already have laying around in your cupboards to good use. Its also a great alternative to Christmas cake if you’re looking for something a bit less stodgy to serve your guests! As with everything the Veggie Runners make, obviously this is vegetarian and tasty without you having to regret eating it after.


If reading this has put you in a festive mood – why not join our Christmas event Festive Flow with The Yoga Kula at LEAF on Portland St? Expect yoga flows, festive food, and lot of fairy lights for an extra cosy atmosphere.

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